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    Hi everyone! I made a closet a while ago. Make the space here a closet. Of course, while consulting with my daughters. I attached a frame and a middle shelf. The rest is the door. I used an old scaffolding board for the door frame. The door is a French herringbone. done! My daughter is also satisfied with the result!Haha And my recent pair! The back pocket also has a nice atmosphere!
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    Thought I’d give a bit of an in depth update. Some threads are starting to unravel and I can see where my pair might end up in a few months time now. Both pocket bags where the thing that broke first (This is very normal for me) and where mended months ago. Left side by hand and right hand side first with machine and later by hand. Both are in need of some more work before the new holes get larger. After that the threads at the crotch where unraveling. Caught it in time and matched up the thread colour pretty well I think. Had to mend the back pocket where my wallet where making a hole. Below the pocket you can also see a fault in the weave (loom shatter?). Both knees are wearing thin and might break any day now and here’s to the million dollar question, to mend or not to mend?! Usually I’ll always mend these things but this being a comp I’m unsure. It’s harder to see the natural evolution with a big patch over the evo right?
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    Here they are post wash. I’ve meant to wash more frequently with this pair, but this is only the third plus the initial hot soak. Mainly, I’m the problem as I still like washing in the tub by hand vs machine. And with a young child, work, life, just don’t always have the time to dedicate to that. The photos don’t look a lot different I think but they certainly look lighter in person. Five more months to go! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s continuing evolution!
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    Arrived this week. Reading with Google translate really works...although tiresome
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    Another few days of wear on the White’s
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    Drove down to New Mexico last week for a couple friends' wedding; decided to make the most of the trip & went for a quick hike in the Pecos Wilderness, just east of Santa Fe It's easy to forget that New Mexico has real mountains. In my mind, as an outsider, it's all high desert—with some nice hills, maybe, but nothing properly up there. Made it to camp the first afternoon and found myself swimming in an alpine lake at 12k', which was a great surprise; if there had been more clouds in the sky (or if I'd thought to bring long pants) I might have made it up to some summits well past 13. The scenery was consistently pretty, but what really made me fall for the area, as a [draught-ridden] Californian, was just how much water was flowing, even now in late Summer. Never needed to carry more than a couple liters with me at a time, & it was beautiful Featuring (though not shown) Bubo Skagit & Bushmaster, + White's Hikers. This was my first serious use of the Skagit, and it did a lovely job—definitely worthy of some real wear. Meanwhile, really not a fan of the Bushmaster shorts, as much as I'd like to be—the overall design's great and the material's a good fit, but they're put together terribly—more on that later, maybe
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    There’s been a little bit on interest in this brand in the Unknown Japanese Brands topic so I thought it maybe it’s worth opening a thread specifically for the brand - they have been going for quite a few years and, at least from my own experience, make some really nice clothes. There seems to 2 main brands 1. Colimbo- which concentrates on the clothing side; a wide variety of influences inc. military, hunting and workwear through the last century 2. Hinson - which concentrates on accessories; small leather good and bags (totes, tool bags etc.) made canvas and/or leather The official website is here And their Instagram account is here A lot of the familiar Japanese retailers stock Colimbo - the dealer list is on the website, and perhaps a few folk might be comforted to know some of their stuff in made by the same factory that makes some of Freewheelers stuff … And a few of their products:
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    Full Count // TCB40s // Viberg x Iron Heart
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    ^ that’s interesting on the 46’s @Broark. I couldn’t resist the siren call of all those appealing Warehouse anniversary year jeans and as well as the 100xDSB’s I did also get the 46’s. They’re Darker and much stiffer than the others - and so I could do this after their soak - which I’d never managed to do before.. (Beautiful freak - think I’d somehow filtered out that the 14.5 oz was still on the 800
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    I think I've got a new hobby now... Merz - Denime 66 - Veja
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    Been a while since anyone’s posted here. My RFR-004 are a year old, worn 2-3 times a week. Washed once at 6 months and going for another today. These pics are before wash, will post a couple after. Color is a bit washed out from the morning sun.
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    I would hope they’re not. had these vans ages ago that would reveal the underlayer when you skated them that were sick
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    Trying out something different for yet ANOTHER wedding coming up next month. "Freak of Nature" shirt by Prettysnake, print designed by Julian Farmar Bowers (Trousers and shoes are just place holders for now...maybe?)
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    #brotherhoodofthebib @bartlebyyphonics My pair of tcb boss of the cat should here next week, I couldn't resist either ; ) Tcb seaman X Lee Jp X Excelsior
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    can't resist a good-weird pocket... 70s sears-tcb 'boss of the cat' bib-o'alls-redwing [cropped, beret and pink shades in full captain sensible mode...]
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    Been a while since it was denim weather in my neck of the woods... Lee Sunray Sportswear Vintage 70s 501s Iron Rangers Jacket is new to me and very pleased with it, it doesn't have an mr on the label so might be a repro of some sort? Inside label has Lee Tops 'em all which I haven't seen elsewhere, made in Poland though so obv quite recent. Well worth £20 anyway
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    50s after another summer. These are holding together really well after all this time and wear, they might outlive me
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    Another killer joe mccoys milkman shirt before they hit the uk
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    Mindfuls still here M1943 field joe mccoys western 906s school Tshirt the newer model they never made those older ones the same dam joe mccoys duck canvas one pocket
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    661zx so comfortable thanks duke
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    First off, big thank you to all who offered advice. This morning I threw caution to the wind and threw them in the machine for a cold wash, got on a work call and missed the spin cycle. They’re snug, but workable, which is a relief. The thigh shrank down about half an inch, the inseam to 34.5” and the waste to 16. There’s puckering at the back yoke and hem. I may toss em in again on cold in a couple days, just to be certain they’re not going to shrink much past this, but my hope is washing on cold from here on out won’t push them a whole lot further than they are, but I’ve got a little slack to work with should they move some in the thigh (waist is sure to stretch anyway, I’m sure).
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    Hi all. First post here, and while trying to formulate my question, I realized maybe the best approach is to leave it open ended... So it’s a “what would you do in my position?” Feel free to suggest additional info that would be helpful, as I may have missed something! I’d been stalking RJB TFH collab jeans for a bit, so when I saw a pair of DFXR109’s pop up on ebay with measurements that looked right (size 31, actual waste 16.5-measurents in pics), I impulsively bought and hoped for the best. They took forever to get to norcal from France. So long in fact, that I bought two other pairs of jeans thinking I may not get the ebay pair. Of course they showed up two days after my 3005’s, as the universe would have it. The situation is that I’m good with the way they fit now, and I was told they had been cold soaked for 30 mins. They’re unhemmed, and they’re 35” in length, with some leg twist, so I’m assuming some shrinkage has occurred. They are a slightly loose in the top block, thighs have less room for error. After a few days wear, they’re already developing comb creases, and my heart just wants to wear them... my head says “what if they shrink with subsequent cold washes?” So what I’d love to hear is... what would YOU do? Just roll the dice? Cold soak for and hour? Warm soak? (I fear a hot soak with agitation might size me out in the mid to lower thigh). I hot washed my raw TFH 3005 in size 33 and they are *perfect*. Don’t want to screw these ones up! Thanks for any input in advance and thanks for reading!