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    wearing my s1001xx 1946 25th model.
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    Levis // Stripe Tees // TCB 40s // Vans
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    washed again this week because i just can’t help myself!
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    mister freedom whitesville warehouse lofgrens happy weekend folks!
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    Saturday drinking - CHEERS people Before first sip... after first sip..
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    yeah, miss me with the fawning over this boring laptop. errolson's an apple guy anyways, but congrats to him on the newfound brinks truck.
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    @buler did some lumber jacking myself today, though prefer the old fashioned way. Much lighter and less ppe to carry along. Tracked 12 miles and 2700 ft of gain. Phew! I visited peak 7790 as well. I have now completed the grid on this one- one ascent in each calendar month. Much easier this time of year vs in winter.
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    My wife said my jeans still look brand new haha. I havent worn them to work because I don't want them to get filthy just yet. Soon itll be cold enough to wear overalls over them. I just want to set some creases before I give them their first hardcore wash.
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    Two and a bit weeks late to the party. Cheers to @julian-wolf for sorting me out.
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    Another day another swing Freewheelers / 40s / Lofgren
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    Awesome page... loving the updates gents... Here's my hook buckle belt in tan from Feb 2012 Ageing superbly, nice and supple... the tan has tanned really nicely (it's due a little cream)... and the brass just gets better... William's innovative buckle is a real winner for me
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    The Momotaro’s I’m retiring (left) and the very dark S40s. I’m m still fascinated by the rough texture of the denim and by how much it stretches.
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    The cat approves... took the plane to Edinburgh today... Arrived and hopped on the train to Glasgow... the denim is still very furry/hairy.
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    Borsalino Levi's old IH tee Sugar Cane Birkenstock edit : ...and another pic...
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    at work in the s40s - "American Real Estate Photographer in the pandemic" LL bean hat Homemade Covid Mask Company issue polo style shirt TCB s40s White's Nomad shoe covers
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    When it comes to stretch these are just extreme. I now wear a belt with them to not have them baggy to much. They have went from 37 (!) cm in wet state after a 50 c wash. I then manually stretched them before hanging them outside to dry. I'm sure they would have shrinked a little bit more if dried hot. Now they measure almost 44 cm, and if i stretch some more. In other words they stretched 14 cm (5,5") with not to much wear! I also made some amateur button hole repair when the thread suddenly came loose. Not anything fancy, but that will do for a while!