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    Another decent day , I'm predicting typical Northern Ireland weather will return shortly Conners ww2 S406xxx jacket Taylor Toyo t shirt Warehouse dd1003xx Vans
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    Magenta cap - vintage scarf - D.I.E jacket - Arket bag - Orslow chambray - LVC ‘37 - Jacoform
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    MF Sport Coat Remain Shirt MBS T Shirt MF lot.64 Election Edition White's Packer
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    As we are all in lockdown we were very excited to find a trail that wasn’t gated and closed to the public. Good to get some fresh air.
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    Same thing happened on Denimbro and then the Americans threw them out. Sounds familiar... (history repeats itself again and again and again...) Edit: to clarify, I don't mind the current situation. I enjoy the new activity here on Sufu
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    it wont we buying all these jeans so theyre happy with the business
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    Not be doing much today , weather is finally starting to feel like spring Jelado afterhood sweat Warehouse dd1003xx Converse jackstar
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    I don't think we were questioning that, I certainly wasn't. It was more an observation on the price of RMC and how they control the pricing at their foreign outposts. I think most here understand the challenge retailers face selling Japanese clothing abroad and try to support their B&M stores as much as possible
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    From a few weeks ago; today is 25 degrees Celsius Mister Freedom Mister Freedom Pure Blue Japan x Okayama denim Trickers
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    The real Mccoy's / Lady White co. / Fullcount 1108 / Paraboot
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    Talking of 'eccentric hat tastes' here's a few of mine.. Sombrero which i bought from River Junction, hand made by some dude called Esteban who's name has ran on my sweaty head.. . Less eccentric, more stereotypical northern birthright Musto, MiE . . Laksen, . .
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    Something I've been thinking about lately is how Superdenim seems to have been completely taken over by the British.
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    Ah! that never gets old... ...like R. Kelly's girlfriends
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    Mrs Tarbuck has been cultivating a sourdough starter in the kitchen since the weekend. I’d blamed the rotten smell on the dog until I was educated in the cultivation process.
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    @redragon classic starter would be equal parts water and flour and just waitinf, but yogurt mixed with flou also works. Used to do it a few years back aswell so basically: Day 1: mix 50g flour 50g water in a bowl, cover and let sit at room temperature Day2: to the day1mix add 100g flour 100g water, cover, let sit at room temperature Day3: to the day2mix add 200g flour 200g water, cover, let sit at room temperature Day4: usually you're ready to bake now, depending in the flour used. In general full grain works better, cause it has more enzymes that get the yeasts and bacteris working, u can mix different flours for different flavors, once your starter is a little more stable. https://www.theperfectloaf.com/ this blog is great ressource
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    1. Heat your oven to 180°C and line a loaf tin 2. Melt all this together in a pan over a low-ish heat: 200g of golden syrup, 2tbsp of the juice from fresh ginger, 125g of dark muscovado sugar and 125g of butter 3. While that’s melting away, sieve this stuff into a big bowl: 250g self-raising flour, 2tsp ground ginger, ½tsp ground cinnamon, 1tsp bicarbonate of soda and a pinch of salt 4. Mix this stuff into a bowl or jug: 2 large eggs and 240ml of milk 5. When the melting stuff has melted take it of the heat for a minute then pour it into the flour in the big bowl mixing all the time to combine the liquid and dry stuff. Try to make sure you can’t see any lumps of flour. 6. Now add the milk and egg mix - continually stirring to combine You’ll end up with a sloppy mix which you can pour into your loaf tin and put this in the oven for about 40 minutes - check after 35 minutes by putting a skewer into the cake and see if it comes out clean. If it doesn’t then cook on until the 40 min or more if needed
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    Collin, jacket is amazing ... I have that from Avirex, which I bought in the middle of nineties on flee market in NYC as used. and it's my favourite ....
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    Flamboyant? I’m not the one going around in a sombrero...
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    @Duke Mantee he's like Paul Hollywood's flamboyant older brother
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    Yep that takes some getting used to, sometimes the starters start smelling like acetone, if you're not handling them right (temperature shocks, infrequent feeding), they should be tossed away then also gotta take care not to take the fermentation of the bread too far, else it will taste like vinegar, or worse, the gluten structure collapses.
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    sounds good. good to know a delay is possible if that would help people out some. seems like another poll is brewing... discussion on patch request seems really promising; IMO '95-96 or longhorn patch with green ink for model number (and no special contest text) seems really good solution from my perspective; no design work needed; hopefully WH has everything on file... with my attempt to test the waters via the rep system yesterday there were only 4 respondents: 1 wanting poll on time, three saying get on with it with 95-96 design; but the numbers of sufu-ers reporting in that they are on hold because of finance may be tip of an iceberg (this April is so very different from February... thanks corona-chan!) as @edmond says; would be a good time if anyone has anything else to put forward, otherwise I am happy to set up a new poll as per @MJF9's specs above in 48hrs time...
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    WTT - my small SS20 P10-DS for your medium. Also will sell for $1000 shipped in US.
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    I’m kinda limited to stuff that I can do at the moment but this arrived today - I’ve always used a rolling pin and a knife, but I thought it was time to catch up with the 20th century So pasta testing tomorrow Also I made my absolutely brilliant gingerbread ... and the duchess continued her masterclass of sourdough
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    SC type II Eeat Dust tee SC Garrison belt SC42014 Wallabee