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    Making a big purchase of Lysol spray Glad Hand GangstervillexGlad Hand trophy 1607 Wesco
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    Cinema day with my main man Conners s406xxx M46 Warehouse lockhood sweat Conners s409xxx ww2 Converse jackstar
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    Nike White Label Gore-Tex Jacket | S8-DS | P15-S | Patagonia Atom
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    since autum is around and the thread is asleep: young paul weller shows my favorite style for the colder days, a combination of a nice british tailored herringbone overcoat, probably made by aquascutum or burrberry along with some dark denim.
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    Fullcount cap, Freewheelers jacekt, BR sweat, WareHouse 1001 denim, FH wallet and wallet rope, Redwing GT with DR.Sole outsoles, Kidnapped my GF's backpack
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    I think the amount of irony that your new sufu account resembles the same as those you are describing on Grailed to be downright hilarious.
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    I have two pairs of 800 in 34 -- an older pair that I've had and worn for a few years and a new, raw pair. The waist of the old pair measured 35.5" when new/raw, 34" after a wash, and 35" after some stretch. The new, raw pair is a little smaller, measuring 35.0" in the waist. As an aside, one thing I like about both pairs of 800 (size 34/32) is that the inseam is longer than on some other Warehouse jeans. The old pair measures 34" and the new, raw pair measures 35.5".
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    Got my Bounty Hunters back from White's. Took a little less than 2 weeks for a resole. Pretty happy with the work.
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    FS: P34-E small, tried on - $1350 shipped in US, extra for international. J65-AJ medium, worn a couple times - $500 shipped in US, extra for international. SOLD Both for $1650 shipped in US, extra for international.
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    @mpukas The Freewheelers N1 this year looks really nice, I’d be interested in one if I didn’t live in Texas.
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    not much but muji-filson-oshkosh-rw
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    I try to not wash for the first two months then whenever I feel they need a wash.
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    I get why it makes business sense to make something to try to sell to the sneakerhead demographic, but those jeans look ridiculous. Unless you're making skinny jeans out of a lightweight, stretchy fabric, having such a small leg opening makes zero sense to me. On the other hand, Tanuki's straight fit actually looks really good.
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    Tcb jacket Re Lookus jeans yukkksss
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    Those seem like they were made specifically to sell to rawdenim reddit. Someone's gonna size down 2 sizes and their feet will turn black and fall off.
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    That’s what zips were invented for
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    Someone is going to order these online and not be able to fit their feet through the hem. It’s happened a few times over on the raw denim reddit when people taper their jeans so much they don’t account for their feet getting in the jeans.
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    With big thanks to Spiraltoy... this is my second 3-pleat. I've always wanted the duck version of this jacket. It's terrific. Same proportions as the denim, but this is unwashed so maybe a little roomier although sleeves are short. When I get time I'll post a comparison with the duck pullover. I think this is a non-Cone duck fabric - it's a dark mustard, rather than a tan colour. Somewhere way back in this thread I posted photos of them in the marketing showroom when it first came out, alongside a very distressed gingham version. I'm really happy s this is way more practical than the pullover, even if the mustard doesn't echo the tan of my recently rebuilt tricker's quite as well. Jeans are the TCB '20s.
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    Thank you Volvo! I raised raw denim for the first time in my life. I was fascinated by the fun world of denim.Love denim.
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    Just to throw some fuel on the fire, check out the arcs on these vintage 50's from BerBerjin.
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    Back in highschool I bought a pair of Lot 10 Samurai S0500xx with that hairy 15oz Texas cotton. I loved them, but I fully duped myself in sizing. I was also, let's say, wider, then. But I persevered and wore them as much as I could. Still, I'm wishing I could wear this old pair. Years later, I tried a pair of Eternals. Beautiful denim, and so far have gotten more beautiful with infrequent wear, but the fit just doesn't do it for me, and they mostly stay hung in my closet unfortunately. After shopping around and trying different fits, PBJ's newish tapered fit seemed like the way to go, but nostalgia had me pretty hard and I wanted another go at that Texas cotton. I ended up with a brand new pair of Samurai S0511xx tapered fit, IN THE CORRECT size. I gave them a hot wash, no detergent, and partial tumble dry, and am getting them hemmed at Self Edge soon. Lot 10 S0500XX Been a huge minute since I posted anything, and I'm stoked to be back in it.
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    Well I think it's about time for me to retire my favorite Buzz chambray. Noticed the other day at work that one elbow was blown out, then I noticed that both were blown out! Worn since 2015, I'm likely to get another one if I don't find a different brand to try out.
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    No.1 red selfedge No. 1 gatagata No. 1 tiger selfedge