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    Got my S&S x Lofgren Devil's Causeway boots in today, very pleased with them. It was a long wait but it was worth it, this leather is really unique and the size 12 fits perfectly. I was a little worried when I first got them as I really struggled to get the right boot on. But the plastic bag trick worked thankfully. Looking forward to some cooler temps so I can wear these daily, so far I'd say I'd buy another pair of Lofgren's no questions asked.
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    Here's mine fresh after washing. Color isn't consistent, #1 is truest I guess. I've noticed that the back pocket stitching is actually starting to break which is a first for me I've worn these a lot and exclusively for many months. 304 wear days, 18 washes (30° mostly), no drier. While I wish mine were a few cm longer, I liked the cut and fit from the beginning. They held up nicely, right pocket is starting to fray at the top but other than that no repears needed - just what a desk jockey lifestyle gets you, I guess. I've really enjoyed this contest, although my participation on Sufu has been zero for some time now...
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    There's a Dropbox that is thoroughly incomplete here, but may have some useful info/photos/sizing info for you
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    crosspost from GBG001 contest.... Ray Ban vintage Avirex Pike brothers Miners shirt GBG001 RW Iron Ranger
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    Hello everybody, Doing a little cleaning and want to sell the following : J63A-FO - Large (9.5/10) : 1200€ ++ P15-CH night - Small (7/10) : 510€ ++ (No bag, no sheet) P24-S RAF (7/10) Fw16-17 : 850€ ++ (Sheet only) P23TS-S BLACK - Medium (8/10) : 700€ ++ (Sheet only) (SOLD) 3A-2 XPAC from 2019 (10/10) : 500€ ++ (SOLD) Price is sliglty negotiable. Will be happy to provide pics. Located in France. Add shipping and Paypal fees. Looking for : P30A-DS in size Medium NG4-PS P23A-S black in size Medium (10/10) FYI : I’ll be in London from 31/10 to 02/11 Thanks a lot
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    WTS: J1A-GT 2.2 MEDIUM full pack 9.5/10 $1600 + fees + shipping
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    Was hoping to wear these more, but got a bit distracted with my Ooe, MF and CSF. Here is my final submission.
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    WTS j63a-fo size M full pack worn twice no patina — 1200 usd including shipping and fees j59ts-CH size M full pack worn twice — 1600 usd including shipping and fees p30-CH size L bag but no sheet — 1400 usd including shipping and fees
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    WTS P10A-DS, Medium, unworn/NIB, full pack, purchased Sept 2019 from mothersite, int’l shipping okay, located in US, USD$1100 ++ Refs here, on FB group, Discord, and Grailed WTT/WTS 3A-MZ3 Black Foil, 9.5/10 no signs of wear for 3A-MZ3 Olive X-Pac would also sell for $299++ USD
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    Recently picked up some Lofgren MTO Engineers in Choco and Black. Just love em -- perfect fit, fit/finish, etc. Thanks to John and the Sendai team, as well as the folks at Standard & Strange.
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    Ebbets field - The Hill-side - Han Kjøbenhavn (note the pocket size and placement ) - Inverallan - Lvc ‘44 - Clarks.
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    Out collecting leaves and whatnot for an autumn nursery school project Real Mccoys jacket Warehouse hoody Conners Sewing Factory ww2 s409xxx Converse jackstar Best of the conkers we found
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    Sierra designs 60/40 tcb ranchman bob dong jeans yuks
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    Thinking about putting my streaky denim Cougars up on ebay. Think I got them in 2009, but they were really tight then and don't fit now. That was before the earthquake that destroyed the shop. They have some cool details that Ande didn't include in his new designs.
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    With the recent TFH developments, I thought now might be the time to move on a pair before they may or may not become nonexistent. Since I’ve had some hit or miss with mainline flat head fits, the measurements on the one-wash R&H x TFH x RJB 004 looked great, so I pulled the trigger. This is not your normal “relaxed tapered” or high tapered. It is a fuller cut with a very versatile 7.8” hem, size 33 and hemmed to 31” length. The one wash measurements are as follows and I gotta say, R&H were spot on with their size chart: waist 16.5”, front rise 11”, back rise 15” thigh 13”, knee 13” down 9”, hem @31” length = 7.8” Double stitching is mostly lined up Flathead iron top button, and RJB lower buttons which I believe are also iron they feel different than the older RJB zinc buttons Flathead iron button backs RJB classic two tone interior chainstitching Flathead copper rivets Raised belt loops Indigo arcs which seem like cotton thread vs FH traditional poly. Time will tell, they could also be poly Pocket bags seem about as thick as normal from TFH or RJB. Although I have a pair of 1015 in the exceed denim which have thicker pocket bag material. Pocket openings are also very usable! The shape seems to have been cut a litter bigger than even 3005, and the top block has been designed to hug the hips a little less in order to access the pockets. Youve all seen this denim for a minute, so I won’t go really into that, but it’s pretty insane 14oz left hand twill.
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    Barrage of J29 pics incoming, since I think it’s been overall poorly represented by styling shots online. I really love Acronym blazers and think they are a more versatile cut than most jackets in techwear. The look changes pretty radically depending on how it’s layered, how the collar is positioned, and if it’s opened or closed. I attached a bunch of slight variations on ways I’ve tried it out to illustrate that point. And yes, the J65-AK is fantastic and I love it because I love vests.
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    Large J58 and medium J63 into medium J28. Minimal difference but the zips are differing length between sizes. The gaiters are set at a size medium, I would assume that’s optimal to enable attachment to larger or smaller shells.
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    Ah gotcha, lemme help you out with a reliable seller. https://acrnm.com/products/P32-DS_SS19
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    No.1 red selfedge No. 1 gatagata No. 1 tiger selfedge
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    hello evisu www.picz.in.th/image/Zup5tv www.picz.in.th/image/ZupUIk www.picz.in.th/image/ZupEoE www.picz.in.th/image/ZupOJN www.picz.in.th/image/ZupjfV www.picz.in.th/image/Zupl5Q