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    Back in my 3005s for fall and winter Here they are at almost four months of wear.
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    Lone Flag tee Equus Bakers belt Flat Head 3005 Wesco 7500
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    There’s some really nice stuff in this year’s catalog https://bookshelf.wisebook4.jp/html/toyoenterprise/32546/ I really like the fabrics in the Hawaiian workwear line and I hope they continue to build this line out in the future. That palaka check western shirt is awesome.
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    WTS: J1A-GT 2.0 Small 8.5/10 (missing sticker on bag) $1600++ P23A-S Raf Small 9.5/10, full pack $1200++ P32-DS Small full pack 9/10 $1050++ 3A-3TS 2018Xpac full pack 9/10 $1000++ WTT: J1A-GT 2.2 Xsmall Brand new For / WTB: J47A-WS Small J1TS-S Bicolor Small P30-DS Small 3A-MZ3 Sliver Foil Based in the UK
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    ^ They were identical - same sashiko arcs but with a red tab. The Hawaii’s also had the same sashiko arcs as the standard model, but with a green tab.
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    Thanks, MJF9, I just cannot overstate the beauty of the natural indigo color; a certain light brings out the purple hue in this indigo dye.
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    WTS J47TS-GT white size M 8/10 $1900 J67-Fo size M 9.5/10 $900
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    I am saving up my coins to get a pair of these. I have wanted a pair of OOEs for awhile and this is the perfect excuse to pick up a pair.
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    Fit pic from mid-August 2019. This is how I wore them through the summer. Massive double cuff high-water's. Rarely wore shoes or socks this summer. Was freakin' hot! 6-ish weeks from last wash, and for another ride in the washing machine they go. They aren't really dirty as I've been a desk jockey the past couple of months. They'll get one more wash at the end before they're hung up for retirement. Not much noticeable change in fades since last post. The vent hole keep getting bigger.
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    I'm not sure anyone is apologising for Levi's , pretty sure the most of us know that LVC have been phoning in the the reproduction aspect of the line and just trying to capitalise on the " vintage look " . If they were a proper reproduction brand They wouldn't use that ugly poly thread and would just go with cotton thread
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    When you clean out your closet and find a pair of Red Wing 9014 that you forgot you had lol. Must have bought them around 9 years ago. Should I be worried? Dementia?
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    Autumn is in full effect and so is the apple harvest... Quick view of our silos
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    sorahiko 3 years and ooe 4301 10 years
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    six weeks of wear, still dry, still minimum signs of wear...
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    Quick seller feedback - bought from @henrisan recently and he was super friendly&quick with responding, taking additional pics, etc. The package just came in and everything is exactly as described! Highly recommended seller!
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    みなさん、こんにちは!私の名前はナユタです。私は日本人です。 女性が着用するTCB20sコンテストジーンズ。ジーンズと一緒に過ごした過去18か月間は有意義でした。世界中のコンテスト参加者に感謝します。 そして、変色を手伝ってくれた2匹の猫が大好きです!幸せなジーンズを作ってくれたtcbjeansに感謝します。 みんなありがとう!とても楽しかったです!!またね! 写真処理なし。天候により変化しにくい。
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    last waywt of the comp... filson / lvc / vintage / tcb / rw
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    Thank you for the kind words! Going to make some tweaks to get it to function a bit smoother, but with a month of use it's holding up well and can easily manage 24 beers, a few kilos of rice, and some snacks. Will update with more! I shamelessly made a repro/alt 3A-2(TS) this weekend, nothing too special and not a lot of thought on my part, but sight unseen I tried to roughly duplicate the bag. This iteration instead has a TS inner belt as opposed to the pocket (didn't know the size or functionality of the pocket so I figured something modular would be easy and work well with keys, pens, knives and whatever else) ~sorry for my complete inability to do clean binding around the bends, I just don't have the skill nor the right sewing machine setup.
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    deadstock M41200 34x36, hell yeah
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    Been a lot in Stockholm lately. Visiting Vaxholm outside of the city with friends and yesterday, the Indigofera 10 year anniversary party.