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    Stevenson cap and thermal Tender jacket Ooe contest jeans
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    Grainy picture time... The Well Dressed Head - L'Aronde At Last & Co 147J At Last & Co Lot 162 IH Viberg
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    Hey fellas, how's it all going?
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    probably due to end's dodgy acronym fits.
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    Fit shots? Do they give you wonderful diaper butt like my 161 do? My wife says they’re the most un flattering jeans for my backside but she’s the only one looking. Ha
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    A great shame indeed. I have never bought any jeans which don't have arcs and am unlikely to buy any of the new models. Luckily a couple of pairs of Black Friday 1101XXs are currently on the way from Merv so I will have 4 BNWT pairs of 1101XXs in stock and 1 pair of 1108XXs. I also have 2 pairs of 1101XXs which remain unwashed and which I wear from time to time. Also I have 2 new pairs of the 1101XX EZs. My stocks should last me for a good while.
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    Tender 900 + IH 634S 21 BLK...
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    Just sipping on coconuts in tropical Belfast..... Engineered Garments jacket Real McCoys sweat Buzz Rickson chambray Conners Sewing Factory s409xxx Vintage 1960's Converse Coconut
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    Freewheelers Sugar Cane Dawson Denim Dr.Martens
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    Finally found my Leather jacket grail on the second-hand market. It's not really a denim outfit but more of a WWII inspiration. Do you guys mind the Instagram incorporation or it's bothering you ? Let me know
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    I'm probably one of the key people (or maybe just the oldest) who doesn't like the 47 denim as much as the 55. But it's only really a subtle difference and of course all the denims vary from year to year, due to variations in the cotton crop etc etc etc. On my pairs, the white of the 47 weft seems to peek through more than on, say, the 55. The warp yanrns on the 55 seem thicker. Those on the 47 are thinner, and have more slubbing. The fading on the 55 looks smoother, but has more mid-tones. It probably won't come across in pix, especially as my hands seem to have been shaking. (Maynard will hopefully be along with an appropriate, or even inappropriate, joke soon). Here's the pair together, 55 on the left, 47 on the right. Obvioulsy the 55 has been washed a few more times, but you can see it looks a little smoother. Now, this is the 55. See how it looks fairly smooth and even? In comparison, on the 47, you can see lots more white dots, with the weft showing through. Plus a few fine vertical slub lines. The diagonal twill line seems less prominent. In addition, when they're at the same kind of stage, the 55 seems to have more mid tones, it fades to a lighter blue, whereas the 47 seems to fade just to white. They look quite different a way away, as well as close up. I will try and find an older shot I took to compare the shape of each. But as you can see, the difference is pretty subtle, they have an overall similar look which is quite different to Japanese denim - apart from SDA, which to me has a very similar look indeed. Ah yes, here's the 47 vs the 55 shot. These are probably at a couple of washes each. Note how the faded bits of the 47 go white... those of the 55 go pale blue and white.
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    Pics and review of the Kaze denim Type 3 jacket is up: https://indigoshrimp.wordpress.com/2018/11/24/tanuki-inc-japan-kaze-blueprint-jacket-kjkt3-review/
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    Here are some 1101XX EX 25th anniversary revival jeans alongside my 1108XXs which I have been wearing evenings and weekends for 27 months.
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    Well, after more than a full month of daily wear - at least 10k biking a day + three full washes, my Aizumis are starting to show some colour.
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    Salam takzim masbro ZoaldeycK, I think you nailed it otherwise but the same potential benefits apply for other ethnicities as well... Not skipping the leg-days easily leads to a situation where you find yourself ”sizing for the thighs”, which for many cuts means having to go up several tag sizes. ”Relax tapered” cuts let one bypass the hassle of aftermarket alterations that have always been a popular answer to this particular question. It’s also worth noticing that the extreme carrot is not the only possible variation of the theme; Iron Heart’s 888 cut is a fine example of a more ”adult tapered” cut, with a nice and clean yet subdued silhouette.
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    Both ends of the price spectrum Mister Freedom jacket and boots, Bob Dong shirt and pants.
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    Yep, got my upsized Hawaiis on just for the occasion. Just two hours 'til turkey time… Happy Thanksgiving, all!
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    Tender Lot 900 jacket (awesome!), NSC sweater, IH black & beige denim, Paraboots...
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    that's what made me skip this more recent Samurai model back in the day... here are some old pics of the original Lot.08 S5000KA model: not sure if this can still be considered loom chatter or plain faulty... didn't break them out in years - some more old fit pics...
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    What we know so far: Roy’s blackseed Cone is the Goldilocks of denim: shrinks excessively, hardly at all, or somewhere in between. I’m going to jump on the grenade and gamble. Wish me luck. Will shrink them in the tub overnight, but while wearing them...with a scuba mask on so I don’t drown while sleeping. Wish me luck, I’m willing them to the moderator in case things go awry.
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    No US stockist please! Thats a good way to ruin the magic in a hurry
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    My wife got me a Gangsterville Glad Hand Shirt as a birthday present she thought was cute. The texture is neat. I know this might not be everyone's taste but it is from my wife. Expect this to show up in a WAYWT post.
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    50's jacket, just about 3 years old