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    yeah if you listen to him youll end up looking like kanye west
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    supertrash is currently seeking a passionate individual to join an expanding division within the forum as an "autist". Do you find yourself tossing and turning in your sleep, wondering what happened to superfuture user mass? Have you spent hours researching the influence of wEstSidE? Do you refer to superfuture users by their first name because you found them on Facebook or on the explore page on Instagram? Do you have an anime avatar? Find that you can't stop thinking about an obscure third-world designer? You might be an "autist"! Duties and Responsibilities: extensive knowledge of superfuture history and ability to recall past events and posts as if you were present (ex. "remember that time mass hung out with sidneylo in new york in 2008? good times hah") critiquing waywt posts for historical and contextual accuracy complimenting waywt poster's body parts knowing intimate details about specific superfuture users posting minimum 10 posts daily, creation of obscure threads in other subforums maintaining dead city/meet-up threads writing minimum 1000 word essay posts on subjects such as: "my personal style evolution", "fuuma's pants: to pleat or not to pleat", "why ramen sucks" bumping 2 year old threads incorrectly using terminology: "fuckboi", "goaty" defending superfuture from dangerous compilation picture threads and malicious cross-forum invaders frequenting and researching other forums, including, but not limited to: stylezeitgeist, r/malefashionadvice, 4chan /fa/, hypebeast, caretags special project: quitting superfuture and returning with a new bully internet persona (project timeframe 1-2 years) Competencies: friendly internet social skills (poor real-life social skills highly desirable) basic grammar and comprehension not required, but will help in writing essay posts ability to recite your cranium circumference on command propensity to type superfuture usernames in bold stubborn and unable to take feedback from others Education and Experience: newly registered users preferred users older than 6 months must have >1000 post count maximum 5 months internet fashion experience minimum 20 yjp/rakuten searches per day We offer a friendly working environment, great benefits, and world-class training from superfuture autists and historians. Apply within thread with a minimum 200-word post detailing why you feel you deserve this title and quote your favorite fuuma picture. Attach any gold star posts with your resume. Have a Blessed Evening, skeetinyournose senior cav empt autist
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    McCoy's cap and gloves Rocky Mountain Freewheelers Flathead Bean boots -nonvis
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    Morning Donegal tweed cap Vintage parka Ralph cowichan TCB 50's Santalum Afternoon Donegal tweed cap Vintage LLBean Baxter State Parka TCB x 2 Santalum
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    Hi guys! Hope you all had a merry Christmas – I know I did! So, as promised I treated my IH 634 S to their second wash, right on the day before Christmas. Which, as it turned out, is ALMOST half a year after the first wash, for whatever that means. Without further adieu: Prewash: And now for the results: I took an outside picture as well, to show you the actual color in daylight. Notice the pomade-stains? I must say that I am quite pleased with how they turned out so far. At this point in time, my Samurais were barely hanging by a thread. These IHs are tough as nails!
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    With the loss of my Warehouse 700J's, there is a void in my denim life that only a fuller cut 501 repro can fill. tried wearing my Kapital TH, but I simply can't wear cuffed jeans any more so those will have to wait until they get a proper hem. And so the time has come for the Fullcount 0105C:
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    ive been wanting to wear these for a while now but the only thing holding me back is my 660's , i really think ive found my perfect jeans with the 660
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    Just ordered a raw 800 from the Bureau.
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    Rgt Supply Jacket Random Flannel PBJ XX007 Wolverine
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    For me, it's hard to separate the sentimental and aesthetic value of jeans and ultimately they complement each other to (pardon the cliche) become more than the sum of the parts. For sentimental value, I'd have say my Burgus Lot 780. I built a house, studied, worked, and traveled in three different countries in them over four years. While the construction and details were not as great as the best manufacturers, the denim was unlike anything I had seen before. I had to retire them due to a tear in the thigh, which I had every intention of having repaired; however, they were stolen from me. This is what they looked like after two years. Runner-up: Warehouse 700J. Less sentimentally valued, but still accompanied me on a lot of great adventures. I loved the subtlety of these in every sense: the cinch back, the unassuming denim, the raised belt loops and tops of the back pockets, the impeccable stitching. Also, these were my first pair of regular fit jeans that were hemmed to the proper length (since becoming a denim fiend) and they made me realize not everything has to be slim and stacked. I had worn them for about a year and they were showcasing all of the things Warehouse does so well. Pity I didn't get to take any pictures of these before they were stolen. (Photo from when new) For aesthetic value, I have to give it to my Fullcount 1108. Same mindblowing attention to detail as Warehouse, but the curved back pockets, arcs, and red tab put them over the top. Perhaps the softest hand of any denim I have felt, giving them a luxurious feel. The weight of the denim is perfect, whether in the heat of Thailand or the brisk PNW winter. I acquired these with light wear from the previous owner so they don't hold the same sentimental value; but they had been meticulously hemmed before soaking (or so I believe) as they have some great roping. It's a great slim fit, although it doesn't jive so well with the pre-war workwear aesthetic I've been rocking lately. Warehouse and Fullcount are second to none. The beauty of both these houses is that the attention to detail is carried across all of their jeans, and their flagship denim is better than the "special run" most guys are using. The anniversary and limited releases are just the cherry on top. It just occurred to me I have pairs from both commemorating their respective 15th anniversaries, which is a testament to their dedication and mastery of their craft! In a dark horse category, the Iron Heart 9301s truly were the ultimate black jeans. Armor-like 21oz denim, ink black colour that didn't fade, great slim silhouette. If only I were a punk rocker, barista, or server, then I would have lived in these jeans until they fell apart. Still, they had pretty good sentimental value. Purchased from SENY, and eventually brought back there to be hemmed (done perfectly on such heavy denim); cycled around SF and visited the original SE wearing them. Stopped by SEPDX, but then they were stolen later that day (along with the aforementioned jeans). Of all these jeans, this is the one cannot be replaced, as there simply is no other jean like it currently produced. TL;DR Warehouse and Fullcount are the shit. Iron Heart/Self Edge, please make the 9301s again. There is some scumbag in Portland wearing my jeans.
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    apparently these wer released subtly on xmas eve w/ only 20 pairs available
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    porter junya (sz L will trade for a S or M) uc cmft air force manhunt gc bape
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    Dress how you want, if you listen to this forum you'll end up wearing all black and possibly look like an anime character.
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    Stop posting stop buying keep reading keep reading keep reading ...
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    past couple months: TOJ0 2013 yuketen hermosa pool aoyama dog tag necklace WTAPS jungle shirt + slp 6 duffle, xmas present to my girlfriend
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    I've really been loving this jacket by Old Blue Co. I've been getting a lot of complements on it which has been cool. I think the fit is spot on.
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    i dont get what makes u so hostile why dont u step out and have a smoke just log on to the internet when ur ready
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    The size 36 800 is near identical in measurements to my size 38 lvc 47s. So it's a slimmed down 40s cut. Only model I know in the warehouse line up that will be slimmer will the 900. Everything else will be fuller cut in the same tagged size as your 800s.
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    it's by Braindead. http://www.braindead.xxx/products/braindead
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    Dudes is plural of dude, as in a bunch of dudes who operate/own alife. sells is a mistake I should have corrected they refers to the dudes both refers to benefited and followed and is quite correct its oki Now if you don't understand you fucking autist I can't do shit for you.
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    Surely aho has a spreadsheet documenting every fabric used by Warehouse and which jeans they are featured on. Hard to keep track with the various monikers given to the fabrics, which are easily confused with lot numbers, etc. I'm just trying to wrap my head around the fabrics I have handled; correct me if I mix these up Memphis 7x6 (aka 1000XX denim, as featured on 700, 800, 660; has this been superseded by another denim?) Memphis 7x7 (featured on 1001XX 15th anniversary, 700XX?) What is the "banner" denim, and where have we seen it used? I may have a pair of the 2013 1001 on the way. There really needs to be a wiki about Warehouse's denim.
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    I've ordered from Tres Bien 3 times and never got hit by customs. Also, I believe they're having a sale Monday.
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    damn keeping u in my prayers. get well soon.
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    …some of you guys REALLY wanted the gt-j27 & 28.
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    some pics of my 710xx ok .. so im just starting to use a bridge camera that i got and its the first "proper camera" i have used , my close up shots are true colour but the full shots are a little too bright so my question is what should i be changing ? exposure , iso , white balance or a different location ( i really am clueless about photography )
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    markaware n-1 long, copped for cheap (not my pic obv). ready 4 da winter!
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    Stetson,RMC Muffler, IH Deck Jacket, Samurai 500 OG, Viberg
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    In Paris cos. YSL. stephan schneider. apc. visvim.
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    the ideal candidate for this position already has that photo saved on their desktop and backed up
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    uc muji blackmeans uu supreme number nine vintage polo oxford cos pants nike
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    Hey guys, we have our first look at the long awaited collaboration with Old Blue Co. These are very limited at 19 pairs. Look for them to arrive very soon! Let us know what you think!
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