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    Vintage. Henny jersey, Uniqlo Flannel, Evisu. Timberland
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    this thread is very serious, and i am serious (0) this forum is serious business. there are no smiles here, only circles
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    was at work in the fitting rooms when this fly hippie bz walks in sportin that late 60's midriff. as she walks in, cowboy boots click clacking i attempt to say something to her that was supposed to be hows it goin? but of course it came out as howershegobub but she didn't really notice so all good, she even flirts with me a lil as I'm walking her to her room and shit. a few minutes go by and she comes out with everything on the hangers and folded and the way she took them in (so hot, if you ever worked in a fitting room you know what imsayin. (btw you ever try some shit on at a store bring that shit back out the way you brought it in for fucks sake) ) So she comes out saying the majority of the clothes didn't really work out and we get the talking about her style and how this aint really the joint for her keeping it light and jovial and shit. as she's handing me the clothes back one by one some how the number card got stuck between us and as I'm pulling it apart i let it go and it smacked her dead in the face pretty fucking hard. i immediately try to apologize and as I'm doing that i catch one of her fingers in the hangers and she lets out the weirdest squeal. i start apologizing again and she goes "its okay, I'm used to be abused" looking down at the ground. i didn't know what to say to that so we just stood there for a good 30 seconds 2 inches apart from each other staring at the ground (i was staring at the ground and her hypnotizing midriff) until she says "umm my hands still sort of caught in the hangers" and i say "oh! I'm so" .. as I'm letting her go and she gets loose leaves everything there and bolts for the door.
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    So ive decided to keep my 1109's Here is a few (bad) fit pics Since my partner sarah insists on using energy saving lightbulbs i decided to take the door off the closet and find better lighting I was realy unsure of the cut when i first tried them on as im not used to cuts this slim but i think it will work out fine after a few days wear
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    New Era (No Vis) Vintage Carhartt UU Flannel Supreme 8-Ball Shirt Bape Bandana no vis Evisu Mars IVs
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    post pictures of shoe circles circles only no other shapes allowed posting your own shoe collection displayed in circular arrangements = highly encouraged
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    yoooooooooooooooo woody
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    Lets be real Dovo. She stole a necklace...
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    nice find will those are the 2-dimensional cdg pants, right? i've always wondered how they could be pulled off with other non-cdg stuff and it works well there credit to koo for this miyashita pic... http://www.koo.im/photo/takahiro-miyashita/
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    imagine dressing up like a [email protected] tho http://omote3d.com/
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    couple photos of my pair of skull 5010xx 6x6 via Third Looks, there's some more images on there.
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    also, i've had this to add to this thread for like years but i keep forgetting to actually post it: when i've done my groceries and walking back, it always seems that people don't really care if they walk into your bags. whenever an oncoming, fellow pedestrian is about to walk past—80% of the time i have to move my bags out of their way. as an experiment, i've done nothing on occasion and guess what happens? ofc, they wreck my shit. fucking tossers. + citing waywt destroyed my life 2012, I petition we change the thread title back to 'shit you hate'
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    this may possibly be a musing, but I had a thought the other day after witnessing something in publique. a girl caught sight of another who she presumably knew and called her over with a smile, the first words out of her mouth were, 'wow can i see your phone'. ofc i can't speak for everyone, but that's the same kind of shit me and my friends said back when we were 12/13 (nokia 5110 holla). My parents would eventually say, look, you can't do stuff like that (latch onto phone/gameboy) when in others' company. at the time i was like get with the times, but i do believe that to be true. now though, you get on a bus and everyone single person is on their phone. that's fine, i keep myself to myself too. this kind of thing is starting to happen at gatherings too. what are you supposed to say to someone? the onus shouldn't be on you to say, 'hey, why don't you put your phone away bruv'. but i jsut think it's interesting that so many people are behaving like this. our generation is still relatively young to have made a mark, and yet we're already labeled as the vain generation. hmmn.
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    Headed down the beach yesterday, I needed to get out. I've been so exhausted with a new job that nearly every weekend lately I just lounge around, cook a little food and watch some football. There's a few beaches around, where I went yesterday is the furthest south - during the summer the parking is free, it's a few miles away from touristy areas, etc... People always swim, and people always climb on the rocks. There was some wood washed up, I assume from Hurricane Sandy a few weeks ago. Cuffs and Chucks. Sunlight washed the colors out, but you can see the texture on the thighs. The beach is on the grounds of a Confederate fort, lots to see around there. I'll be sure to take pictures of the rest of the area next time.
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    riff you know I almost like everything you post...but i don't really get this camo hype thats's going one for some months
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    elephant 2. 4 wash. once soaked. about 11 month wearing. now it just hangin on my wall, since the LO shrink, and make me look like a carrot when im wearing it.
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    acapulco gold . engineered garments . lvc x2 . converse
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    I'm in this scary-suburban-bible-heavy town right now, visiting extended family. Today I was heading inside the library, and there was this uptight wealthy woman walking behind me. I turned to hold the door open for her and she balked, stopping dead in her tracks. "N-no thank you." she said firmly. She then watched me and waited until I was inside before she came in. That's it. I've just never seen a lady balk quite so bad.
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    homemade cus i can't afford junya
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    can we all just agree that mark mcnairy is the worst
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