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    Denim updates, both fit and fabric. TCB has these spurts to its fabric aging. Six month and one year tend to mark a rapid progression in tonal shift and wear for me, both in the '50s and these S40s. Lovely jeans all around.
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    Surplus , edwin, North Sea clothing, atlast co., red wing
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    Here are some progress updates on my Roy x SE R01 (Cloth Patch) after a 4th/5th soak/wash. I believe they have a total 1.5~ year of religious wear. Black Seed denim is such stubborn fade, but loving how these are turning out so far. Kind of difficult to capture the true color of this denim, but I tried my best... I have quite a bit of Roy denim in my collection that I want to eventually get to, but from the looks of how much life is left on this current pair, I'm not sure when I'll ever be getting to them FYI, the lighting is a bit off on the back pockets that looks like one side is more faded, which isn't the case.
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    My girlfriend got me this jacket and I’m loving it Buzz/Patagonia/vintage ll bean/ LVC/ vintage Clarks
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    381 wear days in… discovered that both pocket bags have blown out, so I’m not wearing them today so as to not loose anything and going to patch em tonight. Hole in the back pocket as well, don’t think I’ll repair at this point with ~1.5 months left. Probably won’t wear them much once the contest is over. Not that I don’t like them, but have the same problem as many of you. Too many jeans and not enough legs! I have to say wearing a normal slim straight cut feels very odd and a pair that was previously a favorite feels too tight. Or did at first, feeling better with a few hours of wear.
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    And it’s finished - just had a final wash and is on the line to (hopefully) dry (a bit) I think this is an absolute triumph and I’m so proud of my wee Duchess … she’d never made anything like this. Better again she understood the story it tells and so introduced a ‘mistake’ to add to the narrative. Top: Bottom All hand made with some lovely cotton/linen fabrics and the blue stuff is that antique Japanese indigo cloth I’ve posted previously
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    Merz beanie Marusankakupeke/sda type ii sugar cane 1947 visvim
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    hello beautiful people! I'm sorry for being very badly MIA during the last six months. Life hasn't been very kind to myself to put it mildly. My main job has become so stressful to put a dent or (or three) on my mental stability, and this made me, off all things, gain weight again, and loose interest in clothes. I think I may be ready for a no buy 2022 (unless I keep gaining weight!). I can still fit the jeans but truth be told now they're not much comfortable anymore so I don't wear them everyday. I'll try and find time to dremel the jeans and take a few pics of the jeans in the next weeks ; ) Very glad to see so many beautiful fades out there. Special mention to @Jared_Lee whose pair looks and fits fantastic.
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    the angle makes the s40s look slimmer than they are.. stussy, gildan, tcb, rw
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    Recieved this wonderful vintage Wrangler as a belated Christmas gift. Posted a bunch of pics of the denim jacket in the EVO thread. Trusty knit cap Vintage Wrangler Selvedge Denim Jacket Vintage SS Sweat Orange Tab 517 Vans Off the Wall
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    Not as awesome as others, but I'm happy where I'm at considering I'm in front of a computer most days.
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    I’m really liking this denim from Phigvel! 12 oz Hw dog Anemoscope Phigvel Broken Homme oxford
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    Hi folks, I've been a silent reader for a couple of years, but 2022 seemed like the right year to join this community more actively. Just wanted to say hi with this and hope I can give some good contributions in the future...
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    After seeing the upcoming Warehouses 201 repro, I became nostalgic for the LVC pair I bought in 1999. I’m confident that most LVC pants at the time were being sold for $150 at the Antique Boutique in NYC. This 201 repro however was the first I saw that it was more, but I can’t remember if it was $175 or $200. Funny, but I can remember the ‘oldest pair’ sold for $225. Anyways, here are some photos of one of my favorite pairs of jeans.
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    I'm still out here wearing the 40s - not a lot of time to take pictures of myself/jeans though. Love the jeans.
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    50s still going strong
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    When you are wearing (lightly) faded jeans to work and your colleagues ask you if you have a new pair since you usually wear "those dark blue" jeans...it says a lot about your fading abilities (or lack of). In other news, we got this nice greeting card from the colleagues of my wife for the birth of our son. Somebody added 2+2...
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    Patagonia/allsaints/Maude Nibelungen (no vis)/west ride/mephisto/zodiac
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    I compiled a catalogue of every pair of Sugarcane M-Series jeans from the 1990's ..being from a pre-internet age, it took me years of research, i used to have it posted on a forum called Denimbro, it was the only place on the internet where it existed.. but one day one of the mods took it upon himself to start deleting all of our work without even having the decency to ask if we wanted it i didn't have a back up, but a forum member to whom i will always owe a dept of gratitute recovered it for me via the Wayback Machine (what a hero) so i posted it here instead. I could have posted it in a blog but the way i look at it, forums have given me so much over the years, i like to give as much back as possible.
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    Resolute 710 in various states.
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    My girlfriend got me this guitar stand last year, and I love it.
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    Today my jeans (seven foot cowboy) went to my workshop. And I made some parts for @Duke Mantee. the plan was to turn some parts on a lathe and brass braze them together. I have hardly any experience with a lathe and are intimidated by it. But really would like to learn and properly use it. so first step was to find the parts. I knew I had threaded rod and know there are plenty of round cut offs in the shop. the find the center of the round parts and drill holes thru them, big enough for the threaded rod to go thru. In hindsight I should have cut threads in them. fining the center was easy, keeping the drill there is something else. I than mounted the round parts on the rod and turn them on the lathe to spec.because of the different sizes of the round part it didn’t work. It got caught and flew off. Intimidated lathe. changed to do two in one go. That did work, especially when I turned up the rpm . Even more scary. then turn the rod to spec. From 6 mm to 4 mm. The thin wobbly rod got caught and flew off. Took it slower and somewhat managed. made a lithe fixture with the right spacing and brazed them together. I heated up the rod mostly and let the brass flow down it on the top part. So after clean up you get a nice dome on it. had to be creative with how to hold the part for clean up. et voila . 4 belt thingies for Duke
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    Russell Athletics 50s-60s single V sweatshirt. Needs a little love around the cuffs, otherwise I appreciate the wabi-sabi.
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    Left Field, Shuron, Uniqlo, Pilgrim, Warehouse, RM Williams