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    I've just given my WH 2001 XX it's annual wash.. so i thought i'd make a little flip book Jan 2016 + a few months wear.. i only wear this jacket for a few months each year.. just through the colder months. 1yr 2yr 3yr 4yr 5yr 6yr (in direct sunlight) ..and today, 2023 It's probably had around 2yrs of actual wear.
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    Once in a while I try to look smart
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    Usta live in New Orleans. Back after about 23 years. Down on the levee... FW,RMC,FW, FC, Paraboot.
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    Some quick and dirty snaps of my Warehouse 1922 ( actual model is 1915 'belt loop model) jeans and the 1927 type 1 blouse. Jeans have the initial wash and have had roughly 6 months of wear and the jacket 1-2 months worth if that. You can see on the jeans by the wear pattern l do alot of sitting or standing (but no 'scooching down' any more so no honeycombes ). Denim is comfy as (...) though. The jacket is still a little loose but it's great chucked over an old sweat or thick work shirt. Only wear a denim jacket now for short spells so l'm not going to get too excited about Evo as l'm in it for the long haul as usual
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    My pattern knife - It’s not very old - I’ve only had this for about a year - but the design has been unchanged for decades … single piece of solid brass, 2 set screws and a steel blade
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    It's a very mild winter here in Stockholm at the moment, a fleece over a sweatshirt is warm enough today! I'm a bit wary of showing my face on the web, so hopefully this fit pic taken off my floor is sufficient enough haha Patagonia fleece, mock neck sweatshirt from Aime Leon Dore, jeans from TCB and my trusted Marimekko messenger bag.
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    Update on 601b. They’re now dubbed “The eye of Sauron” jeans due to the torn patch
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    Warehouse 800. 23 months. Just came out of the wash again. I lost count of the number of washes at this point and I’m starting to think about my next pair. Probably going to be flathead or samurai. Can someone make a recommend something that fits similar to the 800? I love this cut.
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    Took my WH 20's tux for a spin at work this morning, albeit worn under warmer outer clothing. Minus 5 Celsius but a beautiful sky as l did my rounds, so thought l'd share these pics here.. When l got home l grabbed the axe and split up all the dry logs ready to make room in the wood store for some more ash that l'm going to bring home from work.
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    FW Painted Desert FW 1943 601xx Nicks boots
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    … and another iteration of the ‘Brooklyn’ - this for @vintagefeatherr on IG Wickett & Craig harness, solid brass hardware and real turquoise gemstones
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    Perhaps THE item that got me interested in "historical" Japan repro was this jacket. I have been looking for one ever since. My second hand grail for many years. The bullshipper 10th anni 2001
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    Overdyed J&FJ Baker Oak Bark Bridle, Harrison Bitsue sand cast sterling silver buckle set with Kingman turquoise, a completely random stud pattern that’s supposed to have a slow but not supposed to look planned (and absolute c-nt of a thing to design - no lines are parallel, no curves are replicated etc), and because the pattern needed an 1 ½” strap and the buckle fits an 1 1/4” strap the belt is a hybrid ranger setup
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    so, another a2 flies in to revive a dead thread... an aero trainee in sz.44, nothing to boast on / claim brag-net points for, but is nice; I see the point of them [both impractical and yet highly practical...] battered steerhide in non-matching panels (something I prefer...)
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    Scammer alert. Be careful, don't buy. Recently my friend bought it from him on reversible and he send an empty acr cardbox with USB cable to him. Grailed listing still up and he just confirmed that the jacket is still available for sale. https://www.grailed.com/listings/39455656-acronym-duo-tone-j1a-gtpl-ss18?g_aidx=Listing_production&g_aqid=a301948611bed349606255b56c1b9811
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    Meanwhile, Tender-heavy outfit today feat. Bench shirt, Baste Pocket jacket, unseen socks
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    I can contribute some.. albeit from 10yrs ago..
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    One more. And moscot lemyodh with G-15 lens
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    Hi you all, Bought me a Red Tornado China made Type 2 for a try. Color off white,14 oz, very hot wash for a nice short fit.I'm satisfied.
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    Looks beautiful Chaz.. it’s still icy-cold up here I’m just playing Guess Who with my 13yr old my first question “is yours male or female” ? .. “well we don’t know what they identify as” .. f’king Gen Z’ers have ruined this game!
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    There is a frame builder, English cycles. Who makes “righty’s. Pretty wild
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    We’re currently working our way through 1980’s cinema classics... Nancy!!! ... next week, The Fly

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