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    WTS/WTT: SS2018 P10-S (M) black for 950 net J47ts-gt (M) trade only for white P23a-DS (s) trade only and +/- cash depending on item WTF/WTB: p23-S (S) black or raf J68-ws (M) would consider other material and colors. Ng4-ps Ss-j25 (m) any colorway J47ts-GT-WHT (M) SS-Cp1 (M) or (S) 
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    @beautiful_FrEaK Shingo is helping us ship directly to US and countries in Asia, doesn't make any sense to ship them back and forth across the globe. For Europe we decided to ship them to the store first, but it should be fast. @maharu You guys can go crazy and wear them straight away. A few days won't make much difference in the long run.
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    @RemarkableArmor it definitely took my 3TS more time to break in, not sure if it’s the logistics of the bag layout or if it’s due to not zipping as much as the jacket? I have the 2016 3TS and I’ve worn it almost daily since purchase, so that might make a difference may have made a difference in regards to your 3A-1...? Dunno really I was really tempted by the 59, and probably would’ve hopped on it without a seconds thought if it was paclite, or basically anything but 3L. I really dig the design overall. The only thing I’ve snagged from the current season thus far is the P10A-E in alpha green, and I’m in fucking love with them. Quickly become my favorite pants fabric. The weight, drape, breathability, and level of water resistance/drying time all fit my purposes perfectly. It’s the only fabric I’ve found that I can wear in 80 degree weather and not immediately feel like I have twin greenhouses on my legs. I’ll probably snag any future pants models that drop in this fabric. It’s that good IMO.
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    Good to hear! Tbh the raccagni on my 2015 3A-1 still zips like ass so I haven’t had great experiences. If you can tolerate the zip issue (and it may well break in) I highly recommend the J59-GT - love the aesthetic and it feels like some kind of all-enveloping bulletproof armour...would have loved to experiment with layering in the colder months too! As it stands I’m gonna have to wait for something new. What zip did they use for the CH version anyone btw? Thanks edit: also got my 31s and super-pleased. Helped cushion the blow a bit as I’ve been a bit frustrated with this season. This is the downside when you save up, buying no new clothes all year and pin your hopes on this stuff!
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    adding p10a-e full set size m olive nice condition wearing 10 times washed 1 times 1180 usd shipped and invoiced
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    I've experienced zero pilling so far with the P10A-E and I've worn them ~15 times. Would be more as I love the material but I've only worn P30A-DS since I got them lol
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    Loving the Conduit AR in Clay
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    Jonathan (aka Bandanna Almanac) is making some pretty amazing looking bandannas with Ooe under the brand name Two Ears Brand, I’m going to buy the blue one!
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    SOLD 2017 LF1’s size 10 BNIB $200 + shipping of your choice
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    price tags coming true too
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    J28 in DS (dust) would be a dream come true
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    Good Art & Fine Creek Leathers Trunk Show at Self Edge NY This Thursday, July 25th, we’ll be holding a trunk show with Good Art and Fine Creek Leathers at our New York store from noon to 6pm. Fine Creek will have their spring/summer 2020 collection available for pre-order and Good Art will have some pre-release items for sale along with samples available to pre-order from their FW19 line. Josh Warner from Good Art and the entire Fine Creek crew from Japan will also be at the store during the trunk show to help you with any custom orders or product questions you may have. Hope to see you there! Get to Self Edge NY
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    Update: SOLD WTS P31-DS SIZE M BRAND NEW FULL PACKED EURO 999 Gift and shipping included worldwide except you're living in moon.
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    Fitpic for my new pair from 710, W30/L30 before insoak.
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    Final drop 900 all in F/F. Above terms still apply to everything else
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    Stevenson Overall Summer Collection - Delivery Three This week have Stevenson's final summer delivery which includes some nice t-shirts in very impressive fabrics, Recon fatigue pants in a new slub cotton fabric, and their new 220 Carmel straight tapered jeans. All these items are available now at all stores and online. Shop Stevenson Online
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    & FOR J1A-GT 2.2 size S J28-GT size S/M J66-GT size M J76-GT size M
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    WTB / WTT: J68-WS Small P30-CH Small Can offer the following for trade, not for sale: J36-S Blk Small 9.5/10 worn twice P10TS-DS Small 8.5/10 worn a lot but in good condition P32-DS Small 9.5/10 worn twice J72-DS BLK Medium 9/10 J1A-GT 2.2 Small 9.5/10
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    Bought a few warehouse sweats when I was in Tokyo last month , out of the ones I bought I'm really impressed with this 1930's style after hood sweat The hood snaps should come in handy in colder weather I love the show the pocket is constructed , exactly how the one I seen in lightning magazine was made After seeing this sweat I really wanted something similar so I'm stoked I found one in warehouse
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    5TS has 10.5cm width between the straps, 6TS has 11.5cm. MK1 width is 12cm, MK3 width is 9cm. This is at the backside though, and the front side is 0.5cm narrower. Which means - MK1 will fit super snug on 6TS, but it fits. It's too big for 5TS though, as others have already mentioned. (unless you don't mind the straps going over the MK1s) To back all this up, here's a pic of my 5TSR with MK3s and 6TS with MK1s:
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    Samurai 710xx, 4 yrs old, ~7 washes. This guy has been with me for many memorable days and might be my favorite pair I've had. no plans to retire anytime soon