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    WTS: P20-S Raf, small full pack. 7/10 due to fading, pretty standard wear in for stotz. No rips/tears/stains. $800 shipped in US. Extra international. Full pack. Bought used, washed it, and wore once before deciding raf with a slim cut doesn’t work on me. Will consider trade offers but really only interested in LA6B-DS, J68-WS, and S19-DS in medium.
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    Been wearing this rope dyed Samurai beanie off and on for about 3.5 years. Started off quite dark and I think I’ve tossed it in the wash and dry 4 times. Im absolute Dog doo at taking pictures but this thing glimmers indigo under direct light.
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    this issue is usually sorted by buying the correct size in the first place
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    Hard to follow @j0el2 but here’s my 101s on an overcast winter’s day after on/off wear for 8 years. The crotch has been repaired and the knees are almost worn out - when they develop holes there (which will be very soon), I’ll retire them. The close-ups are truer in colour.
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    Voyej closing in on 5 years. Never conditioned or cleaned.
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    Hell yeah get those action shots flowin’ SDA D1548
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    SDA hat, Andersen-Andersen scarf, RMC, SDA Earth...
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    4th year of machine washing and drying. May get them repaired soon.
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    It always bothers me when makers release a "tapered" or "slim" version of the jean where everything about the fit is totally different, not just the hem. If TCB made a jean that was just like the 50s, but with a hem that was just one inch smaller than the standard version, that would fit me perfectly. But the "slimmer" versions have a way lower rise, tight thigh, etc., and the hem is usually way too tight (I want a 7.25-7.5" hem, not 6.5", dang it!) I'm convinced that I'd be better off just buying a straight fit of whatever brand interests me, and then getting it (slightly) tapered.
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    Here's the the current status of my "collection." I've tried to include all the interesting information, however, as fanatical as I am about accurate tracking days of wear time, I've never kept good track of washes, so that's been omitted. All the retired jeans have been washed many times, though that didn't start until I'd worn them 4-6 months. The 1108 and 3005, my current projects, have been washed about every two months of wear. Retired 3Sixteen ST-120x / December 2014 / 533 days 3Sixteen RH15 / January 2016 / 366 days Samurai S710xx / June 2012 / 365 days Flat Head 1001 / Fall 2013 / 270 days; on indefinite loan to Rivet & Hide's collection Active Full Count 1108 / September 2018 / 182 days; primary warm weather jeans. I think these will need about 1.5 years of wear to reach their ideal state. Flat Head 3005 / August 2018 / 165 days; current main project. I'm aiming to put at least 1.5 years of wear into these before declaring victory. 3Sixteen CH-55x olive chinos; worn ~1 a week 3Sixteen CH-44x khaki chinos; worn ~1 a week Shirts And Jackets Flat Head 7002w denim western shirt / April 2015 / 352 days; often worn over a T-shirt in warmer months Strike Gold SGJ50S denim jacket / March 2019 / 31 days; main denim jacket, usually worn over long-sleeve shirts To-Do List Eternal 811: Next project, will probably start wearing next year. I'm aiming to complete my Flat Head 3005 first. Flat Head 3009: Will start wearing after Eternal, could be a few years away. Wish List Ooe OA01 or OA02 TCB 50s Tanuki straight fit in Earth or Kaze denim Warehouse 1001 or 800, if somebody (Self Edge?) ever releases a long inseam version. One goal for 2020 is to buy no new clothes for myself, which obviously includes jeans. But I already have all the stuff I really want, and I want to focus on my 1108 and 3005, as well as mixing in the chinos one or two days a week.
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    tender tender 129 cheaney cairngorm
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    Since slim jeans aren't cool 'round here, slims shirts prolly aren't cool either. Guess I'll have to stop wearing TFH F-DS101 and 3202. Same clothes and venue as last time, different event. I'm so original.
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    Most of the research suggests the best fades result from night climbing on sandstone after a Spring rain following a full moon. Thats just science.
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    SDA 101 I believe? Forgot the model number. 4 years of wear and machine washing/drying.
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    An ultra-slim 50s's denim isn't really what I had in mind, either. But if it sells, as noted above, more the better. I guess I've been living in a cave but I thought tight jeans weren't popular anymore and all the cool kids were wearing dad jeans.
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    if there is one Tcb cut that doesn't need improvements is the 50s cut imho. However I had expectations on these, I thought they may achieve a gateway drug 50s cut with a bit of taper for the guys out there wary of a too loose leg. Well I was wrong
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    S&S gave me a nice little surprise with the: one of the Santa Fe totes that OA made for their Santa Fe opening! I believe the edges are selvedge and the fabric is unsanforized, so it'll shrink and warp a bit with a soak. Gave the jeans a warm wash, should be dry by tomorrow. It's been while since I've had a fresh pair of OA's, and I'm always reminded why I enjoy their work so much.
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    Are the buttons made on this jacket iron that has oxidized with washes over time? Does anybody know what metal that is? That's hardcore oxidation.
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    Sugar Cane 509SE - 12 months of wear - plenty of washes. just uploading some final pics before list these pair on grail. These were definitely a beautiful pair of jeans and wished I committed more time to wearing them but I outgrew them. I have also liked SCxSE collabs and this made me want more.If you want to buy these off me, pm me.
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    Question for all: How do you wear your sleeves if they're too long? Mine goes past my thumbs. I tried tightening the cuffs but it just causes some uncomfortable bunching. I'm currently cuffing the sleeves once.