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Shit that _____ owns, that I covet


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Whatever dude. The only mining you do is when you dig under your desk for your missing Starbucks card so you can go get a chai latte to push through your power point presentation on Manchester Data Encoding .

Maybe he does a little data mining too.

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Fuck everyone on here who owns anything from mr freedom.

Fuck all you fancy whites/cordovan/Alden/wearing motherfuckers.

Fuck you riff

Fuck eltopo, his beard, his guns and his wardrobe.

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Fuck rnrswitch for his Duck Roy's! Wrong Material Arse-hole!

And while we're here all of you on the Roy X Cone tour can go and get fucked. Useless Handmade Jeans, look like they were made for Gap in a factory by a small child.

Oh and fuck all of you that live in the sunshine when its actually winter. Wankers.

And Fuck me for being too crap to post any pictures yet!

P.s Roy6 your photoshop skill are Shite. Seriously just use a crayon instead!

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