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Made in the USA


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Anybody mention ben davis. I believe they are still in the states.

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I've got the Roundhouse overalls in indigo. Awhile back (and before I found out about all the highend stuff talked about around here), I was just really frustrated that I couldn't find good old American clothes anymore. I found Roundhouse, and Pointer for bib overalls, but didn't like the zipper bib on the Pointers. I picked up the Roundhouse at Industrial Supply when I was in Salt Lake. I payed like 25$ for them! Thats little more than half of the now Chinese Keys. There are goods and bads about them. They are only a 2 to 1 twill, but they seem to be holding up quite well anyhow. There are a number of sloppy stitches, but nothing comes unraveled (put it down as wabi sabi, I guess). There're no rivets but the red bartacks and white triple stitching looks sharp and matches the logo (I dig the railroad theming). The strap hooks are very durable and the logoed snaps/hook buttons look great. My only real complaint is that the straps are very short. I tend to be a fairly standard proportion (not short-waisted for my height or anything like that), but I had to adjust the straps out as far as they will go without coming out of the adjuster. Consequently the adjuster and hook bind up with each other, and there's no wearing these 'loose and low'. All in all, these won't wow you with precision craftsmanship, but have great style, more than plenty practicality and durability, and a price that makes you think you just jumped into the way-back machine and went waaay back.

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Holy crap! I'm looking at that very stapler next to me on the table. It must be a slightly different vintage, as it doesn't have the stamp on the leading base edge, but is otherwise identical. I used to see old staplers and pencil sharpeners all the time, now you can't find a good one nothin'.

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realized tonight i have more made in the usa denim than japanese now...


top row: vintage wrangler, selvage late 90s levis, vintage overalls

bottom row: lvc 33(think they are usa...i tore the inside tag out when i got em cause it wasnt authentic.... i dont know...) the infamous cmf homme, which is actually early 2000s rrl, modified by me, and chanistitched throughout by gordon, and sugar cane 66.


and jackets...

top: little e levis, big e levis

bottom: vintage wrangler(step fathers in highschool, or so he says), vintage penny's foremost.

sorry for the flash pics.

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For the cycling enthusiasts (and wannabes like me) - these two companies are tops. Outlier NYC makes some of the best pants out of ridiculously quality materials that are both rugged and practical (even for the boardroom). I have their merino wool t-shirt as well and it is friggin' amazing. It never stinks up and is soft as all get out.

Cadence is a small outfit run out of SF and they make some really cool and interesting pieces. I have their "Sace" pouch made from waxed cotton and lined with wool. I use it to store my wallet and keys while riding.



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The link doesn't work...

Works for me...

Anyways, here's the info:

"Old 73's"

$39.00 (plus $8.00 shipping)

These are close reproductions of the original Levis that sold on Ebay for $46,000 !

These pants are high waisted, just like the originals.

They have button fly, suspender buttons,

back belt cinch, two front pockets and one back pocket.

Made of 100% heavy cotton

Colors available -- Chocolate brown, Buckskin tan, Black, and Blue denim.

Not all colors are available in all sizes, so please email or call for availability.

Sizes available from 32 to 42

Made in the USA !

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These don't look that great (based on two *small* pics), but still kind of curious to see more. On the other hand, they are cheap...


$39.00 (plus $8.00 shipping)

"These are close reproductions of the original Levis that sold on Ebay for $46,000!"


Sadly, they're awful, Totally incompetent. Not one detail bears and comparison to the original.

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I know Left Field was mentioned before, but I noticed they started putting "hand crafted with pride in USA"

Black canvas trousers from March (hand crafted with pride in USA)


Chambray trousers from May (Made in USA)


A t-shirt from May also (starting to come off after a wash)


Edit: I just checked my other t-shirt from last year, it also says hand crafted..

Maybe the black canvas trousers are not hand crafted..

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