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  1. So... what in the hell happened here??
  2. this is less a contest and more of a joke. updates.
  3. Not sure-- haven't been counting tbh. I would say at least 10 times through the washer and dryer, with increased frequency as the weather has gotten hotter. I don't give my jeans much thought re: laundry anymore except I keep lighter clothes out of the mix and unless they're teetering on shrinking beyond the scope of my fat ass.
  4. i guess everyone lamed out. updates: edit: better daylight photos
  5. grooveholmes


    breaking in some DW 332s. they are reminiscent of the 660s. i think these are my favorite fitting jeans so far. you can't beat the price right now, either. sorry for the shitty phone pics. someday-- when i have nothing better to do than post pics on a forum dedicated to jeans-- I'll try to fish out my 1100 and 660 to compare the denim.
  6. grooveholmes

    Tender Co. Denim

    taking a break from the SG contest to wear my woad-dyed 132s.
  7. ^not gonna lie-- kinda got excited for a minute there.
  8. it's beatle's call, but fwiw i don't mind, as long as people "post" their commitment. def send a private message, though. a crude representation, but you get the idea. when you can't get out of either end of the aisle, you gotta stretch! the indigo sheds constantly on these-- i've been wearing 'em 3-4 times a week, a few hours at a time. i think things should start to get interesting quite soon, however. they'll be hitting the wash soon. shout out to william aka rodeo bill and tender. about to grease up this patch with some tallow.
  9. nothing really new to report here, but hopefully a bump will inspire those lurking in the shadows to post. went to see my blazers play the pistons (and lose) in the process of stepping and stretching up an aisle after we got busted for "upgrading" our seats, i immediately heard some threads start to blow. oops. not too bad, thankfully. i've been using this wallet for ages now, but it used to be a natural waxed canvas, now indigo from being the goto wallet for breaking in jeans. the jeans are still bleeding quite a bit, and some fading is starting to happen. not sure what to expect here, but i'm stoked to see what transpires. i'll post some detailed pics in a week or two.
  10. Edit: thanks for rotating the pics. The angle makes it hard to tell how well they fit. Did you take measurements pre/post soak by chance?
  11. post-hot-soak measurements: waist: 18.5 thigh: 12.7 rise: 10.5 inseam: 30 leg opening: 7.6 Went out drinkin' last night. The denim is dark: Bonus:
  12. Indeed, Max. Jeans are still wet, but the waist has shrunk 1 full inch so far. The concern when initially wearing the tagged 36s was the slight room I had in the thighs. As BF mentioned, the thighs are the trickiest part of this cut, but I wouldn't have purchased them if I hadn't tried them on, that's for damn sure.
  13. Since there's not "Fat as Fuck World Tour" going on, I figured I'd jump on this train; it's an honor to share contest space with the incomparable Beatle, to whom we will all eventually lose. First pair of SGs (I'm in it for the free bag). Went to SE PDX to see my buds TMadd and Jonathan. They concluded that while the 36s fit fine, there was not enough thigh room to work with once they hit water. So, in an embarrassing turn of events, I've sized up to a size 38. What. The. Hell. You can't see it in the pics (my bad), but the waist is super wide. Currently hot soaking the shit out of them. pre-soak: waist: 19.5 thigh: 13.25 rise: 11 inseam: 32 leg opening: 8