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Evisu is still loved!


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Evisu international Lot. 0002, sniped on ebay for 50 bucks. Didn't expect much, but I actually like the rather wide cut and all the details (crotch rivet, hidden rivets, buckle belt). Don't know anything about this particular model, but from what I can gather it should be No. 3 denim. The feel is pretty sturdy and I like them a lot.

For now only fit pics, detailed shots by the end of the week (need some close-up adapters for my fixed lens compact, no macro mode). These were basically new when I got them, no whiskers, no fades, just a few marks where the previous owner cuffed them. This is about 1 week of daily wear, with nothing much to show but the fit. I might need a hem, but I'm gonna sit this one out for a while:



sdim05517hoc9.jpgedit: I removed the gulls as far as I could. They were made of some kind of rubber or something (?) which was easy to peel off.

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Hey guys I'm trying to get unload this Evisu Heritage Spiral Denim sz. 32

it's a used pair, hot soaked once, never hemmed inseam 34

it's up for auction, i'm not sure if i'm allowed to post ebay links in here, but if not please message me and i'll take it down.









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just got these evisus. anybody know anything about them? the left leg is lht denim and half-selvedge that is plain white. and the right leg is rht denim and is classic red/pink selvedge. tag says they're made in macau :( besides that i think they're pretty cool.


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I never purchased Evisu ( speaking of raw/selvedge denim, I've always bought only LVC and Edwin) and need some advice.

I'm totally new to Evisu..please be patient as 177 pages of thread are a nightmare to browse

I'd like to know if Lot 0005 N°2/green seagulls are made in Japan and have selvedge.

I'm speaking of these jeans. Thank you for your help.

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kiblast, my information may be outdated/wrong, but I believe the assembly is sourced to macau, while the denim itself is loomed in Japan.

I just popped in to lament missing out on the evisu "homer" wwii jeans. did anyone cop? if so, any evo?

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hi all , started a thread (osaka showdown) a while ago to compare the evo of the osaka5 denim brands , it kind of fell apart but im trying to get it back on track so im here to ask if there is anyone around here who would like to contribute to the thread

what im looking for is 2 members who are wearing one of evisu's flagship models if your interested please pm me

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well i was thinking any of the following ( 2001,2004,2000) in no.1 or no.2 denim

where have you been mate have not seen you post in ages

2001 or 2004 (or, even better, the evis 2501 or 2504) would be the classics, but because of their cut they tend to fade in a more 'vintage' way, which is what increasingly few people on here seem to appreciate.

i've been lurking a little, can't really be that arsed with it all after the recent revamp.

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