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Superswap v3


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la la laaaaaaaaaaaaa. who hasn't gotten theirs yet?


junglejane (being handled tho)





pewwwwwwwwwwwwww you non-senders suck.

Add me to the list (Akira)

Ajax never posted my package but he hasn't been on in months (hope it wasn't destroyed for undisclosed dried fruit contents lol)

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wut the.

so there was this shoe box in the corner of my room under some clothes. i was lyke, wut's this?

it was my package from hailxenu !!

my mom said she put it in my room like 2 monthz ago.

sorry hail, pix asap.


callin you out for pix!! i don't think you read my letter either. it was almost 3 pages hand written.

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talked to my sender, I have faith

but I'm gonna set a new deadline for you... received by May 7th!!! that's when I graduate and move from this address forever!!!!!!

dear god wasn't this zuperzwap supposed to be over in january?

btw coldturkey is covered :o

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Orion is JJ's partner, but he had it shipped to my place (since shipping to italy is kinda crazy). babby sitting it till my babby jj comes back to SF. he'd like for me to post it in the meanwhile


krinked out box


custom givenchy tee, one of a kind from heritage, MSRP $10,000


variety of goodies: candies, sneaker freakers, reading material, money, stunna shades etc.


bringing food and steez to the victims. in the form of ducks

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who do we need to neg?
who do we neg?

i never found out who was meant to send to me cause if it is the person that said they were going to rig this so they could send to me then they did rig it so they could send to me then didnt send then they really rigged it so that i got nothing and that sucks even more than a random failure to send

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