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i had the smaller version of this a year or two ago, it felt kinda thick because of the front pocket/flap and sat in my pocket unevenly.

the design itself isn't much either imo, but if your set on it i'd wait until it hits the sales.

can anyone comment on the quality of these margiela wallets?


i remember playing with one at if awhile ago, and thought the idea was bad ass, but the leather felt super soft, and seemed like it would rip.

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thanks bro, I'm too lazy to make one and I like them a lot at the moment

though, for some reason at first I thought I'd have to have a tall tee with a real low print on it, but it's just the bottom of a normal tee sewn on that top tee isn't it?

I have a surplus of tees. I might do this myself.

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One of the more interesting articles on Uniqlo's Yanai.

Also kind of interesting how he briefly touched on Jil's ego. Cements the idea that the end of +J had more to do with what she wanted it to be than just the idea was done.

^ wasn't it kind of obvious, given how short the collab was?

"creative differences" or some bs like that

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x post from Supershopper Small Questions Thread. Any help would be appreciated.

Does anyone know how to purchase from MTWTFSS Weekday other than in-store? They have some stuff on sale that I could definitely get down on. I've never seen it in person, and am quite surprised that they don't have some sort of retailer in Paris. Any Swedish proxies out there?

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