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hi girls,

I want to buy my gf her first piece of japanese denim for our anniversary next month.

so here is my question:

- which one would you buy yourself as the first one, retrospectively?


I measured a heavily washed/worn roxy malibu jeans of her, of which she likes the fit.

waist - 16" across

f.rise - 7"

b.rise - 12.5"

thigh (1" below crotch) - 9.5" across

inseam 32.5"

hem - 8.25" across

it is a loose/relaxed fit, imo.

please help!

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Oh wow Relativity, I had no idea you were Australian too! We aussies have excellent taste ;)

Man, I went to my local jeans store and their own range of jeans end up costing $350, for that money I'd rather get rakers and save some bucks or shell out a few more for some flatheads...

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Hey Ladies,

Do any of you have any suggestions on sandals? I'm tired of these "gladiator" and "Native American" ones I see in stores and want something sturdier than just normal crappy flip flops.

LA's summer season is starting and constantly wearing kicks may be disastrous to helping keep cool.


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