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Char Char Char is AMAZING but pretty expensive.

For cheap, cheap, CHEAP decent steaks you can't really beat the fox on a sunday. Steak, chips, sauce and a super dry for $7.50.

Mmm heaps of awesome gigs. Going to:


Frankly! Festival at the Powerhouse

(maybe) GZA

(maybe) Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

Vivian Girls

Tiny Vipers

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone


YAY we finally have a decent run of shows.

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does the woolloongabba one have a big sign claiming they have the best steaks in town?

If it the norman hotel thats shit morrison hotel is just after the chalk hotel you will see it after the lights next to the busway on the left hand side next to exit onto the bridge

:D fiascos best mushroom sauce in town

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On the concert topic. Mono, december 6 at the hi-fi. so excited.

you like Mono dude that's awesome.. respect..

what other shoegaze/instrumental/post rock/ambient? do you like? Do you listen to m83, Eluvium, Hammock, Ovum, The American Dollar (<-- Highly recommend) or anything like that?

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i am on last.fm. it's served me very well for finding new artists. pm me your username if you like and i'll add you.

I;m actually pretty in need of new stuff at the moment so I'll definitely check both of those out.

I still havent got my hands on The American Dollar yet (no money, no torrent) but it's on my list.

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