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Violent greens okay, only half decent shit up there.

Outpost isn't really doing it for me these days, went in there the other day, hardly had anything decent, and the new guy that was working there (that i think used to work at dirtbox maybe) was a complete fucking douchebag.

Never peeped fallow, where is it and what do the stock there?

But fuck, been going out there the last couple weekends in a row up there, and the place is a fucking cesspit.

All the clubs up there are fucked, lick it nights are becoming so gross it isn't funny, and that wolfgang shit died early on in the year, thank fuck they stopped having them.

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thanks man, ill check that place in sunnybank out to get my azn hair cut. do they take bookings by any chance or is it a walk-in type joint?

not a fan, but ksubi is having a ghey sale in surfers, enjoy:

ksubi Pre-season Clearance Sale

Sale stock from 50-70% off

Cult fashion brand ksubi is holding a pre-season clearance sale on the Gold Coast this coming weekend.

As if you needed any cajoling to get yourself to the Gold Coast for this fantastic weather, and ksubi have just announced their clearance sale starting this Friday.

For three days only, you've got the chance to get a whole new ksubi wardrobe.

At prices from 50-70% off, you'd be nuts to miss this event.

On sale is Men's and Women's denim, fashion and eyewear, including current Spring/Summer sample pieces.

Cash, Visa, Mastercard and eftpos welcome.


3 Days Only

Friday 26th September through to Sunday 28th September


Friday 10.00am - 5.00pm

Saturday 10.00am - 5.00pm

Sunday 10.00am - 5.00pm


Pop-up Sale Store

Shop 4/3171 Surfers Paradise Boulevard

Surfers Paradise

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I'll tell you what, go there on the sunday, and usually at the end of the sale they give the shit away cheap as fuck.

A few of my friends went to the last one here on the gold coast on the sunday after it ended, and they were giving away boxes of free shit. Like all them wack fire island pocket tees and crap.

I was going to go, but fuck, being in surfers with the school holidays and all, the shit will be a fucking nightmare.

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hmmm. might checkkk it out, as for haircuts i go to T&G and try to get felicity, she's really good, but i haven't been in ages.(ps. i've got really shit hair so it's hard to find good hairdressers) would sunny bank still be good? i want to check out some other places becuase T&G is eating away at my pocket.

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Planning to head to brissy for around a wk mid Nov. Since im there will hang out & do some shopping. Thinking to check a few places out like:




Blonde Venus

(did i miss any?)

Any other recommendations as to where to get also vintage clothing (great fitting leather jackets etc). Will be staying somewhere around fortitude valley.

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ultra suite and the outpost in the valley are worth a look. lucid laundry is having a relocation sale (if it;s still going). if not, they've relocated to new farm not too far away.

the ones i just mentioned arent all that special. imo VG, fallow, and to a lesser extent dirtbox are the only places worth a mention in brisbane.

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Thanks for the heads up 034936. Quick question, has anyone been to Fallow recently? I think they used to stock Mjolk, do they still?. I really want the Hackney rd shoes i wonder if they got em. Also what else do they stock ive browsed around but didnt find much

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