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  1. SIA my top choice but Qantas is exceptionally well valued for money with service/price ratio.
  2. i am guessing they just don't want a bunch of baldies (NS), Singaporeans seem to have a stigma about people with crew-cuts or short cuts ?
  3. nice rack, her face looks like its fixed on or something
  4. measurements for both thanks.
  5. can i get some measurements ?
  6. itsmedeka: damnnnnn those are finee
  7. no idea why, girl on right reminds me of paula abdul
  8. much love.
  9. bump (tempted must resist~!)
  10. doubt that her address, haji lane is like full of shops.
  11. guys, know any good tailors around for suits in brisbane ?
  12. sup mate, which picture do you feel represents the closest to the colour in person ?