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  1. simcoo

    show me your clarks!

    u can try www.villageshoes.com they ship to Internationally
  2. simcoo

    australia :: brisbane :: general

    got a pair of double waistband shorts
  3. simcoo

    australia :: brisbane :: general

    they close at 5 on weekdays not too sure abt weekends will check it out and update
  4. simcoo

    australia :: brisbane :: general

    could prob just do a walk in thats what i usually do though
  5. Visvim Buckminsters? http://solepedia.com/images/f/f4/Visvim-chukka-buckmister.jpg
  6. simcoo

    australia :: brisbane :: general

    azn hair or others? if its azn hair, then Sunnybank is the way to go Go to Times Square next to the Macdonald's Drive Thru go to Danny's and look for Jasmine Shes really good
  7. what size are the visvims and any more pics?
  8. simcoo

    transaction problems and disputes

    He said the exact same thing to me but regarding the Stussy x Mad Hectic tee Crook!
  9. simcoo

    transaction problems and disputes

    Beware of user: Monkeymunzy Bought a tee from him abt 2 mths ago and have not received anything last correspondence from him was on 210508 in which he stated that the item got returned to sender due to a problem with the address and that he was going to resend it with tracking. now I cant file a dispute with paypal as it has gone past the 45 day limit
  10. simcoo

    Dunks that look better with age...

    got a pair of chris lundy's in a sz 11 interested???
  11. simcoo

    FS: RedWing Clapton Classic sz 11

  12. simcoo

    FS: RedWing Clapton Classic sz 11

    Price Drop 110 shipped in Australia
  13. simcoo

    singapore - general discussion

    Clubs: Zouk, Ministry of Sound, Home Club, Butter Factory Hotels to Stay: Gallery Hotel has nice rooms and is really close to all the above mentioned clubs
  14. Pair of Redwing Clapton Classics for Sale sz 11 Seldom worn since Bought 2 years ago No Box 130 shipped in Australia