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Your Lifestyle - Top Ten List

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Inspired by local trend magazines and men.style.com which often have editors, designers and fashion people input a top ten list of their 'must haves' in their lives right now...here's mine i whipped up for a freelance column, feel free to share yours:

1. Glasses

I’ve been wearing thick frames as long as I’ve had glasses on. When I was young I used to get teased about being nerdy for wearing them, but I’m glad that as I’ve gotten older they’ve become accepted as fashionable again. I like this pair by Oliver Goldsmith, it is reminiscent of old school Michael Caine and goes fantastic with a skinny black suit and cigarette for a 60’s feel.


2. Cigars

My dad got me hooked on cigars back in high school, when my family went on a trip to Cuba during spring break. I enjoy them for the aroma and flavor, not to mention the sophisticated aura it gives off. I can sit for hours doing nothing with a cigar in hand, as it’s a great way to give yourself some space for meditation. Lately I’ve been smoking this great little cigar, the Coronas Senior by Partagas, which is nice because it’s not a big time commitment, perfect for after meals.


3. Lanvin washed cotton suit, from Spring/Summer 2007

I enjoy Lucas Ossendrijver’s work at Lanvin because it is youthful but also very proper and well made; the clothes remind me of what a French teenager might wear to dress up for weekend outings with his family. This particular suit conveys the attitude I want my clothes to speak about myself: luxurious, laid back and slightly rumpled.


4. Y Tu Mama Tambien

The ultimate road movie and quite possibly the best movie of the 2000’s so far. It features Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna before they hit Hollywood, and they acted with a boyish innocence that matures believably as the movie progresses. However, it is the stunning Maribel Verdu who carries the film as its emotional and sexual center. Watching the story unfold is a treat that never gets old. Highly satisfying, sensual and suggestive, much like good chocolate cake.


5. T-shirts

Giorgio Armani once said, “The t-shirt is the alpha and omega of the fashion alphabet.†It would be hard to disagree with him. I don’t usually wear print t-shirts, but I like mine with some kind of design twist or detail to them that separates the t-shirt from the millions of others out there. The two t-shirts featured here are by Yohji Yamamoto. The one on the left is interesting because it features circles resembling baseballs that were painstakingly cut out and re-sewn into their exact positions, while I like the Japanese craftsmanship that went into the t-shirt from the right, with its indigo dye and hand painted treatment.


6. The Rum Diary

I have recently been acquainted with the works of Hunter S. Thompson, one of the most influential American writers of the 20th century who has been a big inspiration for modern day iconoclasts such as Johnny Depp. This book, along with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas are the only two works of fiction he has produced, although the book is filled with semi-autobiographical traces of the hedonistic and reckless life the writer experienced, which is fascinating. Fear and Loathing was eventually made into a movie featuring Depp and Benicio Del Toro, and The Rum Diary has been slated to be filmed featuring the same duo. Unfortunately, there has not been much progress with regards to its production. I cannot wait to see who will end up playing Chenault, who is one of the sexiest and most provocative female characters ever put on page.


7. Watch

I feel naked when I do not have my watch on. Perhaps it’s the obsessive compulsive in me, but I am constantly looking at the time as I have a bad habit of always trying to stay ahead of schedule and arrive at my next destination early. Due to my height and build, I look better in sports watches than I do in smaller, dressier ones, and this Sea Dweller by Rolex is the perfect match for my style, with its subdued appearance.


8. Photography

I am a person who feels inspired 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I like to have a digital camera around so I can take snapshots of those fleeting moments of inspiration that can hit me any time, any where. My head is full of crazy ideas and images, and since I tend to forget to write things down, taking photographs is a good outlet for me to capture and express my vision.


9. The Rolling Stones

I can only hope to be as energetic and electrifying as The Stones when I reach old age. In particular I am drawn by the magnetism of its two front men, singer Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards. To me, they epitomize the phrase “rock star,†in all its unabashedly decadent and sex charged glory. One of the reasons Martin Scorsese is one of my favorite directors is his use of music in his films, and it is no coincidence that many of his masterpieces have featured a Stones lick.


10. Hip-hop

I often tell people that hip hop was my first true love in life. I grew up idolizing the likes of 2Pac, Outkast, and Jay-Z, of which the latter still remains a large influence on my personal swagger. I admire the genre for its rhythmic sensibilities as well as outspoken candor. Nothing can ever be too large or grand in the mind of a hip hop star. Today, I am a big fan of Kanye West, as he brings a fresh perspective to hip hop by incorporating Japanese and European art and fashion into his style, while maintaining a classically hip hop stance of projecting an image of being larger than life.


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bravo on an excellent thread.

1. wrist watch.

i can live without my phone but not my watch

2. oliver spencer tux jacket i picked up in a sample sale.

smart or with dark denim and a t-shirt

3. t shirts.

i like the uniqlo 3 packs in tones of grey

4. rugby

its what i do to blow off steam. www.rugbydump.com

5. favourite films are oliver stone's any given sunday and black hawk down.

these i can watch over and over again

6. martin marighela

a grey jumper and ox blood wallet



8.bbc iplayer

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1.ODB. 'Nuff said.


2.Girls.I try so hard to look good and keep myself in shape, just to get these terrible beings.

3.Jeans. I need a good pair of jeans on or it's no jeans at all. I think they describe a person's personality well depending on the brand, cut, or wash.

4.Peanut Butter. There's just something about it that is so perfect, the taste, the texture, nothin' like eating a thick ass pb&j sandwich after a rough day.

5.Falling Down. One of my most favourite movies of all time!


6.Supertalk. This is all I do with my computer life now, wtf.

I cant think of four more, I'll add some in a bit maybe.

good thread

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1. Music

2. Denim

3. Hookah & Cigs

4. Internet

5. Breezy's

6. Photography

7. Books

8. Family

9. SuFu (im already hooked);)

10. Friends

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Crack Music




Graphic Tees



Joey Thunder Neon Zebra

iPod Battles

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2.foreign/indie films

3.close/good friends

4.late nights/early mornings[at the same time]


6.the web[e.g. SuFu] lol

7.warm showers cold mornings/cold showers hot afternoons

8.the wife

9.looking for shit to go in my room

10. hXc shows(destination Boston)

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nintendo ds.

when it first dropped i scoffed at the idea of a handheld system having two screens, now it's the item i use the most everyday. i use it in class, fuckin' around on the subway, calculating quotes for people. by far the most useful thing i own. once i get around to uploading music to it it'll dominate even more of my time.



...and i'm not talking about the shitty kind. thanks to working at whole foods a couple years ago i discovered good beer. started with chimay and now there's simply too many favorites to list. if i had to name a few though, samuel smith, hitachino, and la chouffe come to mind.


caam bar.

great, chilled out bar in kyoto. atmosphere is great but the bartender here is what really makes the place stand out. if ever in town by all means go.


ghost in the shell.

whether it's the movie or the t.v. series this franchise is great. definitely influences my personal style as well as other facets of my life.


feta cheese.

feta cheese in addition to mediterranean food are a necessity to me. having grown up in a european household i've been eating this stuff my whole life. while japanese food is great, being here for so many months without easy access to feta, olives, and fresh tomatoes is driving me crazy.


the wind-up bird chronicle.

sure some people like to claim it's played out and murakami is hipster literature but those people can suck my dick while i'm pissing (no homo). i read this five years ago as a junior in high school and was the reason for me majoring in japanese throughout college. it's definitely had an impact on my life and i hope to read it in japanese soon.


nakafusa ramen shop.

my girlfriend and i enjoy searching for good ramen, and after eating at various establishments all over the country, i'd have to say my favorite bowl of noodles comes from this tiny shop. he uses a special cut of pork in his ramen and uses a special sauce on the dumplings he serves (which are available in limited quantities). all you can eat kimchi, and the noodles are fuckin' delicious. i will sorely miss this place and the cook when i'm gone.


cafe independants.

great cafe. unfortunately couldn't find a picture of the interior so the url above will have to suffice. menu is great, food is delicious, and carries chimay, which is fairly rare among cafes. located in the basement of a building in a room that used to house newspaper printing machines. great obscure record shop tucked in the back of the cafe as well.

that's all i've got for now. maybe i'll edit and add to this later. either way, great thread!

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falling down is an EXCELLENT movie.

1. Otium Industries - my passion and side project. should come to fruition within three years

2. iPod touch - I bought the original ipod, that broke. got a 4th gen ipod, that broke too. swore I was never going to get another ipod, then my girl got me this for christmas. i forgot how great it is to be able to tune out everyone else and just listen to my music on the go.

3. my nikon - im an aspiring photographer and every day is a learning experience. i just need to get a better camera bag to transport lenses + other ish i need

4. the simpsons - i grew up with this show and stopped watching a while ago because the quality of the episode dipped. i recently set my dvr to record every single episode on tv and i spend weekends getting re-acquanted. classic humor. some i will own the whole series on dvd.

5. my samurai jins - first majorly expensive denim purchase i ever made... they fit like a dream and i feel like im armored when I wear them. i wear them every day and they were worth every single penny i paid

6. jordan iiis - sneaker perfection.

7. paint markers - i go lots of places and like to leave reminders of where i've been.

8. cognac - my drink of choice

9. baby carrots - staff of life

10. SSUR(plus) - dope gear, cool staff, and a nice atmosphere. one of my favorite spots in new york and its not full of wannabe streetwear fucks

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thanks fade2black. dope thread.

cyberpunk, if you are in kyoto often you should go to Glamour. definitely my favorite bar during my whole stay. the atmosphere is unbeatable and the picture you posted reminded me of it. i'll see if my boy remembers the address.


heh, they hung this picture up after i left, i wonder if it is still there.

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hey spaghetti, thanks for the recommendation.

i'll look it up and see if i can find it. let me know what picture they hung up too, i'll let you know if it's still there.

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This is a great thread, I suspect that it's gonna be filled with some great things to come.

For me...

1. BBQ's. Not so much the food, but the act of. I am complicit with American style grilling with friends, a Korean BBQ where everyone sits around slapping pork belly bits into bundles of rice and lettuce and washing them down with soju for hours, a Japanese-style beach BBQ with a hodgepodge of meat and some corn on the cob where everyone stands around waiting patiently, an Australian BBQ that is sausages, pineapple, grilled onions and a bit of surf n turf; anything with food over an open fire, and endless supply of cold beer, and as many people to share it with as possible. My BBQ's can last hours on end. I'd choose cold beers and BBQ with 10 friends over any sit-down meal, any day of the week.

2. A good park. I could spend most of my morning in Bessyouzaka Jidou Yuen in Nakameguro, and my afternoon in Otaguro park up in Ogikubo, and that would constitute a satisfying day for me.

3. White low-tech sneakers. Stan Smiths, Chucks, Jack Purcells, Eras, German Army Trainers, Common Projects, Umbro X KJ's, etc.

I probably have about 15 pair nowadays.

4. Soup. Might have to do with me being Asian, but I could have soup for any meal, year round. Lentil and ham to Tom yum gung, I don't mind. Those ultimate soups are one of those things I'm continuously searching for as well. I'm willing to make pilgrimages for certain soups.

5. Bloc Rhodia pads. I usually have a Bloc Rhodia No. 8 and a yellow #2 pencil with me almost all the time. I start from the front for personal ideas, but will flip to the back page for getting phone numbers and email addresses. I like the larger No. 16 pads as well, for keeping lecture notes and making larger doodles.

6. Red Uniqlo socks. I think I have about 15 pair now. They make laundry easy and keep people wondering.

7. Vintage kitchenwares. I cook for myself often, and most of the time my food doesn't touch anything that is newer than 50 years old. I eat off green Fire-King plates and bowls and have the matching teacups and mugs, have vintage glasses, antique cast-iron skillets that are perfectly seasoned, a vintage Moulinex rotary cheese grater that works like a charm, all manners of enameled colanders, tins, and utensils. Vintage shopped or hand me downs.

8. Pre-wall BMWs. I don't have one anymore but I've been through several, E30's and an E34. Any of them with the 4 bucket lights and upturned nose, I love. They range from well-proportioned and good looking (E30 and E34) to immensely handsome (E24 6-series or CS's) and are possibly the best-made cars ever, at least mechanically, and are a blast to drive. They grow on you big time, even the imperfections. In the real world, out on the streets where you spend 99% of your time driving, you don't need 19" 35-series R compound tires with 15" brakes and a 600hp V10, and have to white-knuckle 10/10th's it all the time; sometimes sitting there in your old BMW, with the sunroof open, that characteristic old BMW horsehair interior smell with creaky seats, 150 wheel horsepower that you can realistically wring out, a healthy Getrag tranny, stock BMW suspension that you have to really work to contain, and some regular old hard 15" all seasons that are always breaking away and being reeled back in can be the most fun.

9. Japanese combini, in Japan or not. Family Mart, Buy the Way, Mini Stop, Circle K, If you are completely without things to do or eat and drink, the combini still has something for you at any hour of the day. Sustenance, vice, entertainment, it has a bit of everything and is probably spitting distance from your home. If you are married and are having a fight, you can take a timeout, and go in your pajamas at 2am and get ice creams together at the combini and possibly solve your problems for a dollar or two. I've seen it happen before.

10. Traveling with just the shirt on your back. I usually get questioned for not having luggage, but my preferred way of going someplace is by stuffing my passport and e-ticket itinerary in my front pocket, wallet in my back pocket, and then buying the cheapest possible disposable luggage to bring back all my new stuff in on the way home.

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From the order in which I thought of them:

1) William Gibson: Cyberpunk writer and intellectual. I love his work. Not the narratives he creates so much as the way he thinks about technology and human ability to create, comprehend, grow and destroy.

2) Isolee and DJ Koze: Two electronic artists. 'Microhouse' minimalist stuff or whatever you want to call it. Their music (in particular the albums Rest, We Are Monster and Kosi Comes Around) is cold, brittle, huge, detailed. I love them.

3) Veganism or purity: I like eating really whole foods without too many processed ingredients. Grains, vegetables, beans, nuts. I like the way it feels to have my body digest and run off of simple, natural foods. Eating low on the trophic levels is a big part of my lifestyle.

4) Concerts: Music is a big part of my life and I really like seeing live music. I will go to basically any type of smallish indie show. MSTRKRFT, Boris, Mr. Lif, Yelle, Robyn, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Caribou (yikes.. starts in 30 minutes actually) are some recent shows I have been to.

5) High Fidelity Audio: I love music and I love to make it sound as good as possible. AKG K1000 are currently my favorite piece of equipment.

6) Wearing same gear everyday: I like clothes to be sort of trademarks of myself. I identify with the stuff I wear and I want other people to identify it with me. I don't really even like how I dress too much but I still want others to associate me with my clothes. Maybe this comes from cartoons and comics as a kid where the characters wear the same outfits in every single episode? I do rotate through about 6 or 7 different shirts but same shoes, jeans and jacket everyday. NB 992, FH 3001 and Iron Heart riders jacket.

7) Frugality: I am not too proud of this, but it is how I was raised and I am living with that. I try to live pretty cheaply in terms of groceries and day to day expenditure so that I can spend money on the things which really worth it to me; music, books, going out with friends, denim.

8) Earplugs: This ties in with music, concerts and high fidelity audio. I always try to protect my hearing at shows, on trains or airplanes, around sirens/alarms, etecetera. I really want to be capable of enjoying music and hi-fi as much as I do now in my 40s and beyond. Aearo Company yellow plugs and Etymotic ER-20 at shows and on my keys.

9) Aikido: Unfortunately I have not been able to find any good dojo since leaving the bay area a couple years ago so my practice/study has petered off. Regardless the ~5 years I have studied have really affected me. I started studying in 9th grade so I almost grew up with the art as high school was when I really matured intellectually.

10) Tall/Thin: I am tall. I am skinny. I identify with my body and posture, somewhat obviously since I live with them. That tall guy walking somewhere or that tall guy standing waiting for something. It is sort of annoying since a lot of the brands I would really love to wear (45rpm, Buzz Rickson) absolutely do not fit me, but I do what I can.

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Internet - Mostly just message boards, blogs and TV torrents nowadays.

A long hot shower - As hot as I can stand it.

Music - Doesn't even matter what really, as long as there's something to listen to.

Lindt 70% chocolate - Just a couple of squares with good coffee is perfect.

Sunrises and sunsets - Not in a cliched romantic way, I just like that space of time where it's kinda half-light. Makes me feel peaceful.

Big cities - Love the thrill of a new place to explore.

Bargains - I rarely pay full-price for expensive items (although try not to buy crap I don't need just cos it's cheap... sometimes I fail at this).

Early nights - I'm becoming such an old man... not into late nights much anymore.

TV serials - Lost, Prison Break, Damages...

Roast dinnners - My favourite meal.

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1. Bic Cristal Pens - Maybe the only thing I write anything with. Cheap, reliable, light and simple. Connected to these pens is my only pet peeve, I hate it when pens run out. It's always in the middle of something extremely important. I usually launch the offending writing utensil across the room. But I always have another one handy.

2. Water - I've trained myself over time to drink good old dihydrogen monoxide instead of milk or coke or orange juice when I'm thirsty. Maybe the best thing I've done for my health and wellness in some time.

3. Meltonian Shoe Cream - Leather shoes of any kind can get grody. I polish my shoes every week if I can help it, even the ones that the preppy ass salesboy at Hills told me they were meant to look "uncared for and worn in." Polished shoes look better no matter what they are.


4. Vans - I got these^^ last summer, before I even knew places like SuFu existed (when the crowning achievement of my wardrobe was Volcom). I'd never worn anything colourful (read: stylish at all) before, and I decided to take a chance. I was working at a cadet summer camp, and the rest of the staff asked me if they could get they're hands on what I was smoking. They were perhaps ten times more comfortable than any shoe I had, and promptly banished my black Converse highs to under my bed.


5. Ivory Soap - Someone's scent should come solely from their cologne. Another beacon of simplicity and function. Pure soap cleans things, who knew?

6. Tea - I drink coffee because I need to function in the morning, but I drink tea for pleasure. I have a nice cheap tea store close to my house, so I'm experimenting. Currently I'm drinking Gunpowder Green

7. Viognier - For my 19th birthday one of my friends bought me beer. I was a goodey-good at the time and I never really had a full bottle. Well, the cheap Molson went down like paint thinner, and I was turned off alcohol for another month, until I started drinking wine with dinner. The manager at the wine store is brilliant, and he turned me on to this wine. Maybe the first liquor that I seek out in a shop.


8. Microserfs by Douglas Coupland - A hilarious novel that throws back to the time when most people at Microsoft knew how to code properly. Oh how times have changed. A brilliant book that explores relationships, self-fulfillment, and the consumption of food that can only fit under an office door.


9. Cool Hand Luke - The film that sold a million chambray shirts. Brilliant movie, just brilliant. What else can I say?


10. Wusthof 8" Cooks Knife - I cook for my family 6-7 nights a week. Which might not seem odd, except that I'm only 19, and still living with my mom and dad. But I digress; a chef's knife is needed for anyone even looking at a cutting board. I rarely use any other knife when preparing food.

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I'm going to try for a chronological order...

1. Music - I figured there wasn't a point in being specific about it. A good song can be a placeholder in my mind for a detailed memory... or a bad one.

2. Watches - Right now it's the Fendi my girlfriend got me for our first year anniversary, but I've always felt a wrist watch was a neccessity, for me anyways. Especially given the widespread nature of cellphones, I personally get annoyed at the people who have to ask the time. I've been trying to track down a decent vintage Tag for quite a while now, one that feels absolutely perfect for me, with no luck.

3. Pizza - Yeah, it's not the most sophisticated of meals by a long shot, but pizza is one of those safe bets that very nearly everyone I know will eat. And while it's pretty hard to fuck it up, its surprisingly hard to find really delicious pizza. I never really get tired of it. I've been on a flatbread kick recently, but there's a place nearby that does actual pies that is just on another level of awesome.

4. Photography - I was going to put sketching, but since the past five years have included less and less each year, this made more sense. I love the narrative aspect; of telling people your story through a lens.

5. The Big City - That feeling that it's alive, that there's always something you could be out there doing. Or in the day, just walking around, exploring. I still don't know much about Toronto's downtown other than the obvious spots, so on days where I've got time to kill, I find new paths to work. Nature's great and all, but there's so many interesting things to see in the city.

6. Internet - I've actually learned a fair amount due to it. Finding out it was useful for things other than chatting and music downloading only helped (though those are still pretty common uses).

7. Button-ups - The versatility, how I can prep it up or dress it down as I see fit. A nice plain white makes me feel good just by putting it on.

8. Shoes - If I could, I'd travel back five years and knock some sense into past-self for thinking two pairs of shoes was all I'd ever need. Not about to start beasting, but I've finally started to realize shoes are just as important as any other article of clothing, and that a beat up pair of sneakers, comfortable or not, is not always suitable. Infact, now I find myself looking at, and appreciating, dress shoes more.

9. Zamyatin's "We" - The only school-required reading I've ever revisited. I don't know what it is, but it had an effect on me nothing else so far has. It renewed my interest in recreational reading instead of only doing it when required.

10. My Bed - It's seriously the most comfortable bed I've ever had, and there's absolutely nothing special about it. My girlfriend has trouble falling asleep in her own bed, and isn't the most comfortable when she's at my house alone. Yet she's told me she'll lie on the bed and instantly feel comfortable, and take a nap. We both feel fully rested on less hours when it's on this bed, so if we are moving in come September, at least we know we're bringing this.

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1. Music c. 1977 to 1979.

The best period for Australian and English bands, not too shabby for American bands. Though it really is a cliche to deride the modern music industry, I find it hard not to look back on bands like Wire and Elvis Costello (& The Attractions for the last two years) putting out a great album a year three years in a row and wonder who's doing it these days.

2. Sk8-his.

After a solid year and a half on a single pair of low-top Chucks, I sold up last year to one pair white/white and one pair black/white and I regret not doing it sooner. Pretty well my default shoe for day-to-day wear.

3. State pride.

Not to be all "Our Country, Our Rum" about it, but there's something about Queensland, and especially my hometown Brisbane, that really sparks my imagination. Credit to David Malouf's Johnno for that spark, but I picked up the ball and ran and ran. I can't really explain it. It's probably the weather and the old houses.

4. The paper.

In my last year at high school I got on a self-improvement kick and started to read The Australian pretty much every day and I still do. It helps that my parents have a subscription.

5. Epigrams.

Doesn't matter whether it's "men more quickly forget the death of their father than the loss of their patrimony" or "well the thing about poor old (Peter) Costello, he's all tip and no iceberg".

6. One song at a time, fellas.

I always get right into one particular song and listen to it over and over and over, and at the moment it's Generals and Majors by XTC.

7. Second-hand books.

As in 50 cent paperbacks. I prefer to own books and I can't afford $35 a pop. I like that it doesn't really matter if I leave a book on the bus.

8. Dr Denim.

Got a pair of Snaps in cortina blue and ash grey, well worth it. The only clothes i regularly get compliments from strangers on.

9. Corned beef.

I really, really, really like corned beef. My grandma makes a great one if you can convince her not to do a roast.

10. Winter gear.

In Brisbane, all you ever need is one extra layer, so after a few months you get kinda bored with your one jacket. With that in mind, I spent all summer gathering up winter clothes. The piece I'm most looking forward to getting to wear is this YMC cardigan. I'm digging the cut, fit and shape and can't wait until the mercury's low enough to warrant it.


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1. Music

2. Tobacco - Scary how fast I ramped up. Went from a few cigarillos a day to a pack of cigs a day in a few weeks. Pretty much quit, but I do enjoy a good cigar after meals. Currently going through a box of Padron 5000's....a solid smoke.

3. Denim - Feels like i'm suiting up for the day when I pull on a pair of high quality denim jeans.

4. Grado SR-60 - I own/have listened to much pricer and better headphones but as far as everyday listening goes....I find myself reaching for my grados more than any other 'phone.

5. Waking up early - I used to go to sleep at four and wake up at one every day just cause my schedule allowed me to. Recently i've been wakin up early as hell and quite frankly it feels amazing getting back to the crib at 7 after a workout and actually eating a breakfast.

6. Wallabees - wear em all the time now.

7. Watches - Been into them since 8th grade after my granddad gave me a watch magazine.

8. Moleskine - Bought one because of the hype. But hell, if it makes me more organized and makes me want to write more then its worth it.

9. Macbook pro + quicksilver - Changed the way I use computers.

10. Photography

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1. Bic Cristal Pens - Maybe the only thing I write anything with. Cheap, reliable, light and simple. Connected to these pens is my only pet peeve, I hate it when pens run out. It's always in the middle of something extremely important. I usually launch the offending writing utensil across the room. But I always have another one handy.

i use these too but reckon they're mad unreliable. sometimes i'll buy a 3 pack but can only get 1 to work initially (without endlessly scribbling on a page until the ink starts running). my brand loyalty is being severely tested.

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1. Music

2. Tobacco - Scary how fast I ramped up. Went from a few cigarillos a day to a pack of cigs a day in a few weeks. Pretty much quit, but I do enjoy a good cigar after meals. Currently going through a box of Padron 5000's....a solid smoke.

yeah it is scary how easy it is to ramp up one's tobacco consumption...i pretty much smoke all day now. Sometimes i hate the fact i'm so addicted.

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In no particular order here are some of my things I can't live without right now....

1. Drumming/Drums

I've been playing the drums for nearly 8 years now, and I know I will continue it for the rest of my life. Despite not being as active of a player as I used to be, there's still nothing quite like coming home to my drum kit and being able to sit down and focus on that for a couple hours.

2. Ableton Live

This is a very recent thing in my life I've become obsessed with. I downloaded it a while back, and didn't really know how to use it, but one day I went through some of the tutorials and now I'm making tracks every day. I have a mild case of arthritis, so I am unable to play the drums for as long as I'd like to sometimes, so it's nice to be able to continue my creative streak on such a well-made program.

3. Hookah

I discovered hookah about 3 years ago, and I've been going frequently ever since. I love the flavors, and the novelty of smoking itself. In addition, I can say with confidence I have become better friends with many people just by going there, and met many new great friends. It's hard to imagine what I would have done all those nights in place of going to the hookah bar, and frankly, I wouldn't change it.

4. Purchasing clothing

I know this is almost entirely due to me being on superfuture, but I have become addicted to buying clothing. I've always had a thing for shoes, but now my whole wardrobe is a new obsession. Lately, and particularly in New York, it's been hard to beat the feeling of finding an item in a store that you fall in love with, and then finding that it fits you and you can afford it.

5. superfuture

I have no problem not being on superfuture for extended periods of time, but for the purpose of this list, it is undoubtedly one of my favorite things right now. It's the reason I'm out in New York right now, and the way I've met so many great people and now made so many memories.

I'll come up with 5 more sometime later..

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2. Ableton Live

before I post my own....I totally agree. such a simple and useful program. too bad the full version costs co much.

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Guest jmatsu


raw seafood

raw daddy

female anal/bjz

expensive shit

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fried chicken


ayssss (ass)




fresh price of bel air

dunk sbs

419 scams

dog (not the pet, but the meat)

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fried chicken


ayssss (ass)




fresh price of bel air

dunk sbs

419 scams

dog (not the pet, but the meat)

Are you Korean?

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what a great thread.


Israel- ancestral homeland, land of my people. Moving there in the fall. As a Jewish person I feel a deep-seated bond with this place, the people, everything about it. It's home.

Personal Style- since ninth grade I have been playing around with my personal style, it's gone through a billion different incarnations but has always been so much fun to play with.


Moby Dick- forever my favorite book. I read it at a very transitional period in my life and it was just a very life-affirming experience.

Junk Food- pizza, burgers, cheesesteaks, wings, more pizza, junk food is the best. I could never be a vegetarian because it would just limit my eating so much. God bless grease and deep fryers.

cant think of any more right now. more to come!

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1. iPhone


2. Staedtler Textsurfer Highlighters


3. Shure se310 headphones


4. Audi a4

5. Denim - current rotation dh19cm, pbj005

6. Band of outsiders button downs

7. Diet coke

8. Ramen

9. Proscuitto + arugula

10. Should be #1, the girlfriend.

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johnny cash (99% of the songs he ever recorded are awsome, even though its on some sentimental/upbeat cowboy steez)

vintage chore coats (perfect jacket cut imo, trim but room for layering, really simple and practical. I like when design is a side effect of fuction, as often is the case with work/outdoors/army wear)

english ale (tried some american aswell, but not found anything really nice yet. I love the richness in taste ale has as compared to lager, so much more interesting)

moomin (the books are beautiful, especially the last 3 or so Tove Jansson wrote)


different kinds of vests (never understood the deal, but now it seems like the perfect layering item. So far i got a couple of patagonia fleeces and a carhartt duck, so some kind of wool, preferebly Filson, would be perfect)

chambray shirts

and, of course, my beautiful girlfriend that very quickly has become a huge part of my life...

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i use these too but reckon they're mad unreliable. sometimes i'll buy a 3 pack but can only get 1 to work initially (without endlessly scribbling on a page until the ink starts running). my brand loyalty is being severely tested.


Bic Crystal pens fucking suck.

I went straight back to the OG bics after two ten packs each of which had maybe 3 good pens a piece at the most.

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