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Two Facts About Your Neighborhood


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1) The parents of Lori Kane (professional female golfer) live across the street from me

2) There is a park called Gay Park, which is on Gay Avenue. 2 Gay Avenue is a pink house.

your turn.

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1: Lake Ontario is Filthy
2: I can see into Vince Carter's old condo from here, he's not there anymore but I can still tell he's a huge (**EDITED OUT BC WILD HOMOPHOBIC**)

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1. Out of eight condos, only two besides mine are occupied, one by a married couple and the other by a video game designer.

2. If I skate in the parking lot I get screamed at from people in the adjacent apartment complex.

I think those are the only two facts I know about my "neighborhood," as I mostly hang out elsewhere.


3. It is too far from my school.

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1. No one can ever seem to find my flat block; pizza/chinese/curry deliveries take about nintey minutes to get here, our post is always late or wrongly delivered elsewhere (like the parcel I'm waiting for today).

2. A load of idiot residents are constantly opposing a plan to redevelop the area, which would actually be the first good thing to happen on my road since about 1707.

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1. one of the 2 cities in the US that was attacked by Islamic terrorists

2. home to one of the most extensive public transportation systems in the world

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1) The patrons for the hip-hop dive bar next door have wannabe side-shows in the Bank of America parking lot, every night.

2) Semi-Trucks park on the street next to my bedroom window at night and stay running, continually making noise.

Other than that, stuff is great.

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1. Giant Evangelical church across the street

2. Many people refuse to even drive through my neighborhood, no clue why

3. My neighbor fixes your car if you live near him without asking or charging, really weird guy. Replaced my housemate's busted starter, knocked on the door to drop off the old broken one. First time we met him.

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