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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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yeah i agree. You gotta realize, i work in the shop every day with these. they are my work jeans. I'm welding / grinding / cutting / sanding / working with composites, and all that crap, not to mention grease, oil, etc etc. :( they truly are getting their work on. What's pretty badass is they are outlasting all my friends jeans (who also work on the cars in their jeans as well. something can be said about a heavy pair of levi's. i'd love to get a pair of iron heart next.

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I actually really like the range of color, curious to see what the post wash looks like...+rep for some serious wear

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started jan. 2

worn till end of april mostly everyday, then from may to present they have been evening and weekend wearers. they have also been in for repairs a couple of times (and need more urgenty).

front pic is with flash and more accurately represents the color.




xpost from eternal thread

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you washed the shit out of those eternals yeah?

washing regularly seems so hit or miss (definitely worked out in your case though.) i'm admittedly a little afraid of trying it, so i still wash my jeans every other month or so. don't want to end up with boring undefined wear and just rip all the indigo right out of them.

really should've tried it with my last pair (skulls) the 6x6 denim holds its color so well.

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skull 5010xx 6x6 13.5 months 5 washes:


after 6th wash taken 2 or 3 days later:


oh whoops, hardly any difference. at least they don't smell as bad now. i have to wash like once a month lately due to biking, the seat reeks up the whole pair of jeans...

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X-post from warehouse thread. After wash pics of Warehouse... almost a year. Not gonna resize pics.






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