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Supreme F/W 07.09


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i don't know about the fit... i have an old supreme 5 panel back from before they changed the box size, and it's different from that too.

and yeah, the quality is shit - the fabic is so thin it's translucent

sorry, i don't even know where the hat is anymore, but i'm planning on cleaning my place this weekend so if it turns up i'll snap a few pics

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Phase 2 hats really aren't that dope imo. I was there today (LA) saw all colors in my size and was just not impressed. I can understand it's a hit up piece that has been stitched on the back of the hat but I don't think it translates, it honestly just looks like some kid scribbles on the back of a fitted. Def not worth 50 either...those world famous beanies didn't make it to the LA store. I saw all 3 colors of that hooded baseball jacket thing, teal and purple in the "surfer style logo across the hood" hoody and just a lone teal crewneck on the rack. The whole right side of the store looked pretty stocked. They added a bunch of chinos and khakis and pants like that.

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Sayword-If that was in reference to my post, I put that statement on the end because from reading alot of posts on here it seems alot people ask about the box tees and sweats. So I thought I would include an end statement of no box tees. Ya dig?

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