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  1. That's exactly what my girlfriend said. Shit's too snug on me, too. I look like Tom Hanks in BIG, waking up after turning 30 Supreme PJs. Not a good look. So um, who wants to buy it....
  2. Selling L/S Flies Tee for less than retail. Heather grey, size large. $80 USD incl shipping to US or Canada
  3. I'm your height plus 40lbs and I wear XL in the winter hoodies (heavy cyc-made).
  4. He'd have his work cut out for him with those aNYthing sweaters currently on the webshop...
  5. Little Richard, Clint Eastwood, The Stooges, The New Yorker, The Exploited, Snow White... does Supreme just go under the radar with all this stuff, or are they buying licenses? They must have one hell of a legal team.
  6. Haha, I'm just busting balls for you saying it had to be worn backwards. Clasps sucks though. And frontwards I think it's more coal minor-y -- catch the sun right and you'll bling someone blind.
  7. I believe you are 100% wrong on this and that these were STRICTLY INTENDED to be worn forward. The strap on them is badly designed and the metal clasp creates and uncomfortable pressure point (at least this was so in the first generation a couple years ago, anyway). Tolerable forwards; unbearably irritating backwards.
  8. I didn't get the weekly Monday morning Supre-mail this week. Any ideas on what's coming out on Thursday?
  9. Sleeping bag is great for an absolute joke item -- very clever, and hilarious to see kids curled up inside giant box logos. Next step is to get the branding inside them. Countdown to box logo luxury chocolate bars, I can see little Charlie Bucket unwrapping the gold fold already...
  10. If anybody wants this, shoot me an offer. Super old, super crooked box logo placement....
  11. finally a white chick.
  12. I've got a "TOJ 0" varsity which is top quality and I definitely recommend dealing with that guy to anybody looking for a similar bomber, so long as you're not retarded with a measuring tape.
  13. Would you be so kind as to elaborate on how this process is executed?
  14. If anybody can snag the blue denim leather patch cap for me I will pay for the bother.
  15. Speaking of not being able to purchase online in Canada, can anybody do a pickup for the leather patch denim cap in blue?