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mmmh italian vulgarity ^ ^

put on your shiny black suit and orange tie and visit some churches. Or go to the beach!

you should be in paris for apc and stuff.

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I've been to those cities:

Can't pass a gondola ride (about 90 euros), can even do the main canal boat ride for about 60 euros. 2 scoop icecreams are only 2.5 euros :) There's also that St Marks square which is pretty. Avoid going there in Summer, its so hot.

Rome I didn't like much, a girl attempted to pick pocket me but failed. Again go to the local sights such as the spanish steps, colosseum, ruins, etc. They have a City sight seeing hop on, hop off bus (red) which has stops in various tourist spots around the city. Don't forget to go to the Vatican, definitely worthwhile.

Florence, this city I much preferred than Rome or Venice, again, check out the local tourism one day tours and they too have a City sight seeing bus. Feel free to visit the vineyards and try some wine tasting if that tickles your fancy.

I got sick of pasta and pizza very quickly after Italy. :P

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we were in Milan a while back and my friend took me to some place right across the border in switzerland, called Foxtown or something like that, about an hour from Milan. pretty boring place, Gucci store was filled with tourists buying whatever crap was left, Dior store was pretty much womens only, the Armani store was filled with stuff but didn't really interest me.. overall a very tourist-type place. that was the only one we went to, I'd imagine some of the ones in Italy to be a bit better but probably nothing extraordinary.

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yea foxtown is alright, theyres a casino attached to it. theres an old italian guy that tries and get your bus stubs for 5 euro when theyre worth like 15, id save it and go to the casino after shopping, i ended up with like 80 swiss francs from winnings. theres a ysl store, gucci, etc etc. theres some decent stuff there, i found a pair of the gucci monogram vans for roughly 200 usd

in milan make sure you go to the corso como outlet, i didnt get a chance but they have margiela etc for major markdowns

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Degli Effetti (near Pantheon) : CCP,Augusta,Paul Harnden,Carpe Diem,Rick Owens,Lumen et Umbra,Lanvin,Givenchy,Ann D etc

Motelsalieri : KKA, Devoa,CDG,Raf Simons,CP,Visvim,Alden,Avantindietro,Nude: Masahiko Maruyama etc and of course CCP

Dell'alta moda(outlet): mmm10,dior,lanvin,couple of rick owens and mostly italian stuff like gucci etc .All -70%



Daad Dantone

Dmagazine outlets(1.Via Bigli 2. Via Montenapoleone)

Balenciaga Boutique

Dior Homme Boutique (only men)

MMM Boutique (Via Della Spiga)

Gio Moretti (Via Della Spiga)

Antonia - Excelsior

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Alright, update: Florence is not great for shopping aside from major Italian brands. The one shop I did visit and ended up loving was Desii Vintage, which is a well-curated American workwear-themed shop. They had a really fantastic collection of old selvage 501s, various sample-only runs of Thoroughgood, Red Wing, and Doc Marten styles, cashmere socks, Hill-Side accessories, wool coats, French military trousers, vintage Fruit of the Loom tees, etc. The staff was also very accommodating. It's definitely worth a visit even if you're only peripherally interested in that style of clothing.


The Florence WP Store was also okay. Despite not having a fantastic selection of stuff, and larger sizes of already-small Japanese brand goods being few and far between, the brands they carry are good: Beams+, Nanamica, Engineered Garments, and an extensive collection of Woolrich garments, to name a few. Surprisingly, they had a comparable, if not larger, women's section as well.


Generally speaking, I feel that Florence itself is not a great vacation destination. I can only bear to look at so many paintings of baby Jesus before the whole shtick gets stale. The food is also not great. Being such an intense tourist destination, restaurants assume they only have to feed you once, so not a lot of care is put into the menu. Stick to Milan for a much better eating and shopping experience!

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also hitting up italy shortly.. most of my time up north - milan, venice, bologna. recommendations for any of these cities would be great. (trying then to decide to spend a few days at one of the lakes or skip over to cinque terre..)


anyway, contemporary italian furniture.. where am i to look? mainly interested in observation more than purchasing. visiting an atelier or two would be great. are there any towns or regions of note?

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