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boat shoes discussion


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I used to boat some in high school but it was my parent's. Can't afford one now. You do military activities? ;)

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sorry for stupid question, but what is the sizing for sperry? im usually us11 in shoes/sneakers.

I got these Sperry authentics colour 'ice'. I am usually a US 11 but fit a 10 in these and with an insole added. Could be due to the much softer leather. However when I tried on the basic navy and brown ones, I need an 11. So i'd say Sperrys are pretty much true to size except for these. Excellent value and very comfortable.


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the ndc's are beautiful but are $300.

any difference between sperry and sebago as far as fit or quality? i love these:


i've seen sperry's for $15 but never any good sebago prices.

ninja07, those ice ones can be sized down? i'm probably getting those. i liked that cracked leather look for keeping creases at bay. i wear an 11 and tried on some other sperry's in that size and they fit great. is a 10 a tight fit? i may go or a 10.5.

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Anyone know of any chain retailers in the UK that sell Sperry?

Pretty keen on picking up a pair but I'd like to try some on first.

Also, this might have been covered, but what kind of trousers do you think go the best with boat shoes?

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Got a pair of the blue and white Sperry's at the Rack for like 15 bones last summer but DAMN my ankles will be blistered and cut up after about 6 blocks walking in them sockless. I really like the way they look and I go to to the beach a lot but I just can't figure out how to not kill my feet in 'em. Other than that they fit well and look good...well..besides the blood stains. Its caused by that padded rim around the top of the ankle. Is there a way to just cut it out of there or is this just an "epic fail..get the leather ones" kinda deal?

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the cardinal rule of top siders is no socks. no discussion.

I've got a pair of the classic 131810_164.jpg

ones, but they smell bad now, I didn't desmellify them earlier when I had them and I wore them for days on end without a break (not a good idea).

I love the band of outsiders ones, but I can't drop 200+ on a 90 dollar shoe whose only difference is a color scheme (although it is a baller color scheme)

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