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    speaking of Tokyos.... found these on a recent trip to tokyo. worn but in pretty great condition. They shall be my lazy sunday jeans. closeup of the paper patch on the inside the only damage was an almost ripped 2nd button hole a visit to the local denim tailor for some repair is in order but otherwise they are the perfect pair of comfy jeans. just love the 66 fit
  2. ninja07


    I tried on the Sz 30 in the cotton / linen 1001. But I would say the 29 would only be marginally (0.5cm to 1cm at most) smaller - this was the case on the standard 1001 when I tried both sizes. If you refer to the measurements on the warehouse JP website, it is overall a slightly larger fit compared to the standard 1001.
  3. ninja07


    Foxy2 - not much impression, it feels baggier, overall a slightly looser cut. I think it has to do with the linen mix in the fabric too, softening things up a bit.
  4. ninja07


    Hi, have not posted here before and pretty new to the brand although I have had the privilege to own a the 660 back in '10 and also most recently the 1100 (type 66) jeans. Have always wanted a pair of either 800 or the 1001 as well so on a recent trip to the Daikanyama store I tried on both and bought the 1001 in the end. Just wanted to share some pics with you warehouse denimheads on this board - so here they are.... The current 1001 as you all know is a slimed down silhouette using their banner denim the offset beltloop is a nice touch comes with a complimentary beautifully finished wooden hanger and the current catalogue too and on with the fit after 3 wears : I went true to size (sz 29). Here are some measurements (one wash) : Waist: 14.5†(has stretched slightly) Front Rise: 10.25†Back Rise: 14.5†Thigh: 11†Knee: 8.25†Leg Opening: 7.75†(uncuffed) Inseam: 32†When I was there, the 1001 was out of stock so I initially bought the 800. However, I felt that the denim was really coarse on the insides. When I tried them on for longer they felt really rough - I can imagine them getting pretty uncomfortable, so thats a no for me. I decided to return it to the store the following week, which the staff at the Warehouse store at Daikanyama store gladly obliged. I must say the service was superb. It had to be my day as I was told when I returned that they had just restocked the 1001 - so I was just literally stoked Also tried on the cotton/linen blend 1001 (with the white rear patch) while I was there and didn’t like the feel of it - but that’s just my personal opinion. till the next update - ciao....
  5. ^ yes it was sold, Thanks! MHL indigo tee added, more to come!
  6. ninja07

    WAYWT? [Denim Version] 2015

    its been a while.... 811 x BIG