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5 Most Annoying Types of People at Parties


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-Pretend drunks

-Bathroom hogging motherfucker who can't handle their liquor

-Overly aggressive douchebag

-People who get too comfortable when they drink, even worst when they're pretending to be drunk.

-Number 4 leads to worst things.

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-The guy that gets mad at girls turning him down for a dance

-The guy that jumps in the conversation when your talking to a pretty girl

-The girl that thinks your checking her out

-The person that brings up there problems, bitch this isnt group therapy

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1. Guys who act tough but can't actually handle a drink.

2. People who ignore you at parties because they know more people then you but then become clingy once you've made more friends than them.

3. People who pretend to be way more drunk then they actually are.

4. Girls who get super slutty when they're drunk.

5. Friends who don't let you leech of their drinks...

I think I had something I was more annoyed at but I forgot. Oh well.

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1. Girl who gets drunk off 1 shot and turns into an obnoxious bitch

2. Guy who doesn't bring enough booze and tries to steal yours

3. Random guy who tries to get in a session when a couple friends have a j or whatever going. /also rivals "guy who steals your lighter and never gives it back"

4. The couple that uses the bathroom to fuck in while you're just tryna take a piss.

5. The cocky douchebag guy who tries to hit on every girl that moves, announces how many beers he's had, and sings shit.

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\3. Random guy who tries to get in a session when a couple friends have a j or whatever going.

Don't bust out the gonga if you don't wanna share miser.

annoying types...those that sneak off, smoke, and come back baked and totally outa sync with the party.

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^ Nah I kind of understand him on that one. Regardless of if you have an answer or not, its a boring fucking question and worse conversation. Maybe I'm just tired of it right now because I'm 1/2 way through my undergrad and get asked that question seemingly once I week.

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1. Friends who don't bring their own controllers.

2. Kids who obviously don't do many sleepovers, and get annoyed when they can't get to sleep before midnight

3. The one guy who gets way too hyper on caffeine and jumps around a lot.

4. Kids who stick skittles up your nose when you are asleep

5. Girls

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1. The grad student who can't shut about his work.

2. The dude that thinks he is always right.

3. The chick that showered in the shitty stripper perfume.

4. dbags.

5. The idiot that wants to dance in a party where everyone is just chilling out and keeps bumping into your drink.

6. The retard that ask, "did that tattoo hurt?"

7. The guy or girl that keeps bumping into you newly done tattoo that still fucking hurts even though it is covered and they don't know you have it... I hate that fuck.

8. That friend that you brought to the party that immediately starts doing doubles and you know they are a bad drunk and can only imagine the embarrassing things that are about to happen.

9. DRUNK HORNY UGLY CHICKS... FUCK OFF I AM NOT THAT DRUNK YET... come find me in an hour though.

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I hate the guy who brings someone that can't handle his drink and when you're making fun of his friend he comes to you all moralising and saying you're a jerk (while you're obvisouly drunk enough not to give a shit). fuck you bitch get better friends.

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yeah and it's usually the same kind of person who black out at 1am. even if he's unconscious you stand next to him and ask "how many shots of what did you have again ?"

it's not about what or how much you drink it's about how little fuss you make about it.

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