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waywt? saved my life

sycamore no more

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^ I actually had no desire for it to be showing - want it to be more warn it. It's currently too bright in its raw state, but alas, the belt is beyond dope in quality especially for the price and thickness.

Whenever I wear my SG belt, it hurts my hip bones. But maybe it's because I wear it my jeans above my wiast sometimes. Had to switch out to a karate material belt, especially since I ride my bike to shcool everyday. Stll a very dope belt in my list.

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Thanks doodz!

damn that shearling is great i wanna curl up in it, etc

Please feel free to join me! :D

For those that asked, the jacket is an Aero Leather D1. Mark Moyes is the US distributor, and has an Ebay storefront. Good guy to deal with.


Mine is 2 years old and still stiff as f*ck.




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