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waywt? saved my life

sycamore no more

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it might not be anything wrong but the fit is fucking boring and the yellow socks are awful. and the bathroom sink, yeah i won't even comment on that...

Trim looks good.

thread need to step it up, all I see is denim denim denim nowadays, some guys definitely wear it good but most of it is just bad, sorry.

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My fit is bad because:

-The pose is feminine/ unflattering.

-The school bathroom is a stupid setting.

-The yellow socks look humorously awkward on me (especially in this picture).

-The overall fit is uninteresting and I barely spent any money on it.

It's cool, I don't look good every day. I had time to kill and I took a picture.

Thanks to those who defended me though.

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Are those the marni laser cuts? Envious.


Yeah! They are! :D

^ fit on pants are on point. info plzz

Thanks! They are from a local brand in Singapore called Vol.ta!

what pants? shirt? good fit can't rep.

Thanks! Pants - Vol.ta, Shirt - Muji

Trim looks good.

Thanks Anders! :D

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