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waywt? saved my life

sycamore no more

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fill sink with water, add some soap and the anti mold spray you use for cleaning your bathroom and i hope it won't get toooooo moldy until you get back

i have absolutely no idea if that would work though

Oh hell naw. I'm gonna wash my dishes and just go home later.

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Hello everyone. It was cold and rainy today in Stratford, so I wore this jacket by H&M. Underneath it, just peeking through the cuffs is my vintage Dior cardigan that Jordie bought me for Christmas a few years ago, and under that just a boring old white t-shirt. The grey woolen scarf was hand-knitted by Dolly, and helps keep me cozy. The pants are Robert Geller, and the shoes are some Jack Purcell's I got at Winners for $30 - what a find! I also carry a Church's umbrella with my when it rains - I bought it in France in May, when it rained non-stop. Thank you for looking at what I wore today.


Last edited by Clopek : 7 hours ago at 06:53 PM. reason: oh ho! I mixed up Chuck Taylor and Jack Purcell! There is no such thing as a Jack Taylor!


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