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waywt? saved my life

sycamore no more

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-Temple of Jawnz Varsity Jacket

-AA stretched out white tee (always a ratty around the house concept)

-Temple of Jawnz shorts


Then changed into:

-Temple of Jawnz shirt

-Temple of jawnz shorts


two shitty outtakes from yesterday to show jacket fit:



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that gif is so cute I'm thinking about waking up my girlfriend to come see it, and risk the J-beezy bitching and beating. She doesn't know who the ER du is, though, I'm sure, so I'll let her sleep.

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Hey, fuck you all white people for looking the same. I'm gonna go stroke some J beezy nipples and drool in my sleep (while wearing head to toe Temple of Jawnz made-to-measure clothing)

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