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waywt? saved my life

sycamore no more

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Guest jmatsu
-Temple of Jawnz Varsity Jacket

-AA stretched out white tee (always a ratty around the house concept)

-Temple of Jawnz shorts


Then changed into:

-Temple of Jawnz shirt

-Temple of jawnz shorts


two shitty outtakes from yesterday to show jacket fit:




you stuff looks good. i knew you were making shit, but not familiar with the specifics. so everything is produced in korea, and you are based and trying to market outta tokyo?

did you land any doors or get any distro?

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At the SF Giants game..


Yomiuri Giants

Flat Head

Real Japan Blues

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Guest simpra



Watsup bros? im back with hanes(3pcs/1pkg).

long time haven't see bros.. cuz... u kno.. haa...

yeah wateva.

today concept iz V-neck Concept of Weezy(it's real)

See ya :D

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Guest simpra
that fucking little big planet thing

the texture on it's face makes me want to cut my limbs off

Who let the dogs out

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