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The ugliest Jeans in the world thread.


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we have a winner, apparently these are made by a company called yoropiko, same guy that designed Red Monkey....wow...just wow, oh and of course its being discussed on hypebeast

ahahahahah ive seen these jeans in person! theyere 900$, the denim is nice but i could do with out the dragon on my ass....

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i'unno, but i wouldn't say the sprayed on look is the ugliest...except perhaps when your legs end up looking like a packed sausage and/or you've got a muffintop.

she doesnt look bad apart from her left leg is double the size of right..

she must work out on a 1 sided sexualiser

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i might be one of the rare few to actually have seen and even touched the real pair of these... the denims quite nice but they are just ridiculous!!

about 3 years later i went round my mates house (hes a bitofa rudebwooyyy - produces uk G etc.) and he was rocking a pair! fake as shit but equally as ghey

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^ that dude is rocking the steez..

with jerseys on the jeans and tag still attached to his new era..

dude with his back turned at 1:52 left even got a jacket with basket jerseys on it..

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Guest Airjamie

Andrew Buckler for the win....although, if this were made by samurai and names the "SDFUCKYOULEVIS001" i would buy six pairs. Check the knee arcuates.





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