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Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans


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wai twait im 5'8 and 1/2 190 lbs but those look really huge on me mate.. weird shit those looks like ronald mcdonald pants on me .. let me know post soak fit pics and how much it shrunk ok?

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LOT 555




an email from take5

Dear Edmond


The McCHILL MP 6601 LOT 555 WASHED F. quality is very good.

This jeans make by manufacturer of TOY McCOY'S

The TOY McCOY'S boss is the JOE McCOY's boss.

He establish the TOY McCOY's when the JOE McCOY's close down.

This jeans cutting close to ETERNAL 872 , maybe it will slime than ETERNAL 872 a little bit.

We think you will like this cutting. :)

By the way, do you want to pre-order DENIEM 20th anniversary ?


We are looking forward to see your reply.

Thank you for your mail.

Best Regards,


and yes im going to order a pair seems really good...

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mmm... the McHill lot number (555) indicates this is possibly a Joe McCoy 906 repro (which itself was a Levis 1955 repro -- can we talk about repros of repros...?).

The holy grail of Joe McCoys craftsmanship was of course the 901XH (extra-heavy) 1941 model. By way of comparison, in 2001 the 906 retailed for 18,000 yen (their least expensive denim) and the 901XH for 28,000 yen.

As memory serves, the Joe McCoy 900 was a Levis 1871 repro (one back pocket, buckle-back); the regular 901 (not the 'A') was a WWII model (no coin-pocket rivets, black fly buttons); the 915 was a Lee Riders repro. These all retailed for something like 22,000 back in the days. The 907 I don't remember, but I do remember they made some half-selvage 1961 "West Side Story" coloured denim (red, grey, etc), which were pretty cool.

But I don't know how closely McHill (or Toys McCoy) will adhere to these conventions.

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these are really nice denim .. ive had a pair of joe mccoys 905 and the denim on these are just like those joe mccoys... very very similar like 95% same.. fit on these are almost the same as staying true to size on your sd-103 really nice but not for tall folks( sorry gimmegimme) they have a inseam of only 34 inches will post fit pics and measurements later

its really worth it these are underated jeans they are again really worth it..

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Guest patchmb

X post from how jeans fit. Real Mccoy's s614 dude ranch pants w34. Hot soaked for 1 hour. Washed at 40 ,no spin & hang dried. Described as a slim cut, these are baggier than i expected but i am sure there is some more shrinkage to be had.




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Guest patchmb

You can go down 1 size with these but i went true because superdenim only had 34 & 32 & i didnt want the waist too tight. I have enough jeans with a tight waist.

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Bump for this thread. Been looking at a pair of real mccoys s600 bronco buster's:


Does anybody own a pair of these. Anybody have any info on regarding shrinking/stretching. I wear a 33 and was thinking about pulling the trigger on a 33 in these also.

Any thoughts??

Got a pair about a year ago. Its really a work wear fit. Tall rise. Large ass legs and big leg opening. the inseam shrinks about 2". But the waist shrinks about 1". The denim comes oversized so I suggest to size down one. I've posted a worn version somewhere.

Here's the one I bought, brand spanking new.

Here's the worn one.

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Also, Self Edge will be the first US based dealer starting November.

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