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Vintage Sweatshirts


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^ Jeans Shop Vari
Yeah, mike is right. VARI has the BR sweaters in about half a dozen colours, they ship internationally direct, and they are usually pretty well stocked. Unfortunately for you, they're out of the grey in M.

Go for red or navy, get a grey later! I've got about 6 BR sweaters that I live in all winter, and I'm still thinking about buying another one ;P

thanks so much, i'd been looking for someone with more than the 4 basic colors. Do you know if/how often they restock?

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probably there was one vintage sweatshirt that some guy found at a flea market with that on it, because "Carl" the guy running the machine that sewed it 40 years ago was drunk from the night before and had always been lazy by nature, and never cut it off as he was suppose to.

And ever since everyone thinks that vintage sweatshirts are suppose to be like that....

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^That looks very nice Freezie. I was actually looking at those just last night on the BIG website. They appear to have a longer torso than most (all?) other options out there. Would love to know more about how you find the fit and/or shrinkage.

Yeah got mine from BIG too, won't shrink, I've a large one too and it didn't budge after two rinses in the washer. The fit is spot on in all dimensions.

I'd have a Deluxeware sweat too, got a few of their Tee's and they are quality.

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I tried on one of the real McCoy sweats at BiG yesterday. It was a great fit, but the arms were super tight. Also saw some warehouse ones that seemed awesome, but was kinda bummed they only had navy and grey. Would love a black one

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