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Top 5 DRUGS!!!


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well ive only done weed and had my share of fun. i quit after i kept getting bad trips everytime i smoked. weed makes me really parnanoid!

oh yea ive dont meth too. all i experienced was being really open though.

and salvia BAD TRIP!

suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup, member when you took meth, you couldnt sleep all night , i member the old times during water polo, that one time when i smoked some random leaves at bell gardens? and it fucked me up and i couldnt play the last game that day.

you doing polo this season leather?

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i thought 40's would have been on top...very dissapointed.

country club, cobra, steel reserve 211, mickeys....brings back memories.

back when i was 16 and 17, i would drive to this spot in the 3rd ward and dude would sell me anything, all the time, without question.

40's are just next level. they dont even need to be mentioned. St. Ides and Hurricanes is where its at.

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My friend I tripped with has done LSD a few times and said it's similar in the mental aspect but a lot less intense. No visuals or anything either, or at least on a worth mentioning scale.

strange, i found LSA to be completely different compared with LSD!

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i've posted about this elsewhere, but i just got off a course of percocet (post-surgery)

good god that shit is incredible

you can watch like seven hours of the travel channel and it's the best day of your life

not only can i understand why so many people get hooked on the shit, i can't understand why more people don't

haha, same goes with oxy.

and that comment bout the travel channel -i laughed my ass off. ive totally been there (and loved it).

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