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Top 5 DRUGS!!!


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i'm going to continue neg repping everyone in this thread that lists "ketamine" as one of their favourite drugs. there are retarded people in the world that don't would kill for the body-function control you so haphazardly cast aside

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probably rolled on somewhere between 13 to 18 occasions between the ages of 17 and 21, i like casually pointing towards this figure to explain most sudden lapses in memory/astuteness/positivity. 23 going on 24 now i've abstained ever since.

never tried the pure "molly" variety though. buying a few grams for this saturday night despite an obligation to attend my lady's step grandfather's memorial service on Sunday...here's hoping the comedowns aren't significantly worse at this juncture :confused:

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Hidden by koven, February 26, 2012 - No reason given

As of last week my order is:






But sometimes the order is the exact opposite haha. I dont think ill do anything other than alcohol and maybe m for a long time. Mdma with a chick is always fun. I perfer shrooms+mdma because its more fun, shrooms by it self always give a weird trip.

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