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Top 5 DRUGS!!!


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He should've said endorphins then, not running. And In any case, no, endorphins are not drugs, they are peptides acting as neurostransmitters in the brain, they are similar to opiates (drugs like morphine, heroin, codeine) in that they have pain numbing attributes but that's about it

Y'all needa fuck outta here with this PBS happy time good clean fun shit and read the threads title a few more times

*edit- upon further reflection I will accept "life". That shit FUCKS you up man

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^ promethazine, really? Why???

I remember when percs would get me a buzz, now I'd have to eat like 20 to feel a thing. Opiate tolerance sucks monkey balls

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lsd(but the real shit isnt around anymore)

molly(but the real shit isnt around anymore)

true for the mols generally but the fire brown sugar comes around once in awhile and people have some good shard stuff. usually trash though. the l is definitely plentiful where i'm at; the family fluff still comes through.

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