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Top 5 DRUGS!!!


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used to be coke for years ago: i just got tired of it thank god..been offered many of lines thru the years and i always decline.

H, tussionex, methadone, 80 mgs'oxycontins ,200 mg m.s. contins, ( havent touched any in a long time except suboxone which im prescribed to to keep me off this other crap)


2mgs xanax bars

10 mg valiums

fuck klonopin

muscle relaxer

soma's 350 mg

but not a fan of dirt (anymore), sherm, acid, shrooms (almost got arested years ago picking them)

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I've heard salvia is crazy from some people and I've heard it sucks from other people. Whats the deal with it?

I hate that shit. It's basically like a strong little trip for around a minute or so, not like an acid trip though...it has had slightly different effects each time and can fuck with your equilibrium sometimes.

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i've posted about this elsewhere, but i just got off a course of percocet (post-surgery)

good god that shit is incredible

you can watch like seven hours of the travel channel and it's the best day of your life

not only can i understand why so many people get hooked on the shit, i can't understand why more people don't

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ive smoked meth a few times in the past, all for free, and out of pure chance. id have to say the rush is one of the best feelings in the world.

but goddamn the comedown is fucking hell on earth, and it lasts for days, its so bad i dont even crave the shit afterwards.

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So, last night I got some "hawaiian baby woodrose seeds" with a friend, and ended up taking about 4 each. They contain LSA which is supposedly pretty similar to LSD (my facts could be wrong, so feel free to correct), and it was a pretty good time.

First we each just took 2. About an hour and a half into it, we just got super fucking lazy. so we laid around for another hour, felt nothing other than tired, so we went for a walk, which was one of the hardest things i've had to do, I wanted to sitdown and just relax every 5 steps.

Come back, take the other two, in 1 more hour shit starts kickin in. Lazy goes to incredibly comfortable. I was sprawled out on my floor with one leg on my bed and arms thrown about and felt amazingly relaxed and comfortable. Shit keeps picking up and comfortable mixes in with "i don't want to move, but moving feels really good" so I kind of start letting my appendages jsut move around, which I'm sure looked retarded. Then proceed to typical talk that happens on psychadelics that makes complete sense but you realize would be near impossible to understand in a typical state of mind.

Best part about it was it was very easy to sleep when we decided we probably should. Slept deep and well. Woke up kind of groggy but not too bad.

My friend I tripped with has done LSD a few times and said it's similar in the mental aspect but a lot less intense. No visuals or anything either, or at least on a worth mentioning scale.

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Im not surprised how many people listed coke on this forum. Coke is the drug thats the least amount of fun.

That said, a few people listed god...thats the only thing scarier than a month long crack binge.

Aside from that, ill say that I havnt touched anything in a couple years but:






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