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  1. Shoes that look better with age...

    Trickers Log Logger boots with Dainite sole rather than combat lug. They last basically 3-4 years of everyday use.
  2. Krakatau.ru jeans

    Images of Krakatau.ru jeans. Knees and groin lined with pocketbag material. Extra joint in inner leg to extend jean life aka crotch blowout. External extra pocket for wallet. Silkscreen on pocket has me guessing they are made as an offshoot of Studio D'Artisan. Washed more often than most botique jeans...
  3. FS: Eternal 811 Size 29 O/W

  4. FS: Eternal 811 Size 29 O/W

  5. FS: Eternal 811 Size 29 O/W

  6. delete 10char
  7. New York: Justice 22ND OCTOBER

    +1 headache
  8. New York: Justice 22ND OCTOBER

    starlight ballroom tomorrow. got my goodie bag prepared so bad...i should have known before hand...
  9. The "things" you can't live without..

    bike food + water something to do camera girls that make me feel amazing girls that make me feel like shit :confused: oh and of course mental extension
  10. Best Time For SEX?

    mellow morns
  11. What'd you do last night?...

    lsa + house beats in the outdoors
  12. FS: For Photographers! Lowepro Slingshot 100 AW

    bump for an excellent bag, lots of great detailing + rain protection
  13. Chilly evenings are back!

    ragweed? 10...