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Top 5 DRUGS!!!


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well when I use to do drugs...

MDMA Capsules/Pills or X that isn't very speedy

Special K




Mixing is the best though...my favourite was Mushrooms, Marijuana and K lines. The ground feels soft, the colours are vibrant, and everything is a.o.k.

but i quit everything.

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Ah ahaah salvia is the worst shit ever.

Freshmen year of college we bought some at this tobacco shop in Hollywood; and mind you the shit is fucking expensive for what you get....it is everywhere though; for instance you can get it a million ways on E-bay. We bought the 'supposedly' strongest shit and smoked it out of a little metal pipe. It tasted like shit and was inhaled for close to 20 minutes when all of a sudden, I fell on the ground and inadvertently laughed my ass off whilst shaking and spitting out the food I was eating; my friend was laughing so hard he pissed his pants. It lasted for all of 15 seconds and ever since then, NEVER happened again (I have tried it 3 times)........it is a sham; buy some weed for 1/3 the price.

I have talked to one girl, however, who said she hallucinated for 20 minutes after smoking it, but I think there may have been angeldust in that shit.....

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the thing about salvia is it is a good drug to tell stories about after the fact--------------------it involved a POLE album, my stereo turning to rubber and everything else turning to legos. a minute later, reality again. i've had one bad acid trip out of 20 or so-----------------i've had one bad salvia divinorum trip in the 5 or 6 times i've smoked it, you do the math.

Using chain stitch, your train of jeans is fading wind.

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I'll pretend this is two years ago before I came to the realization a decent pair of jeans and sneakers lasts longer than any drug I know of.....

1. Percocet

2. Oxycontin

3. Ecstasy

4. Xanax

5. Vicoden

don't do drugs, go chug some water and run a few miles or something.

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