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superfuture tumblr shit talking thread. reviews etc

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i see u mr. fluffnutts.  u cant c me tho.  actually yr blog fall into the sufu blase category as well, but i suppose it aged just semi alright  (like 50 dolla scotch). 4 middle school fashion nostalgia (tho u force the oldskool merit badge by postin hl).

you should get white-boy-wasted be4 posting...er...tumblin.

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i don't like when people tag posts inaccurately or obnoxiously.  sometimes it's ok.


my personal favorite tumblrs are not from sufu people.


tumblr is also ok for porn, sometimes.

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i didn't bother going very far, but the format isn't bad.  all this shit i've seen (and some was meh), BUT  this guy's shit is straight up jawns.  all pics of jawns (i think cause i didn't go that far).  just keep jawning it up please.  


This is actually fucking great. I hope the dude updates on the reg. No nonsense shit. 

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My review of my tumblr (by: me):


Looks like the sporadically maintained outlet of a twenty-something yr old male in a state of arrested development who can't focus clearly on any specific topic. Seems interested in overly-dramatic, intentionally 'dark' or negatively humorous things with no apparent theme or continuity


Overall, uninteresting


some cool pictures here and there

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