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Best Feelings, Ever (Tactile Edition)


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super cold ice water (crushed ice)

puppy teeth

quality yay


that full body shiver when you dip your shoulders in a spa

mutual orgasm

getting up to speed surfing and then dipping your hand in the water

cold air on your face, blankets everywhere else

setting the hook dry-flyfishing


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being at 'the top' and reminiscing about how much 'hard work' was required to get there from 'the bottom'

or at least I imagine that's a good feeling it sure looked like it in the video

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Sorry, was supposed to be + ^

goddamn fat fingers.

Those rings on waterbottles, vitamin waters, etc, on the bottom of the cap that stays behind when you unscrew the cap. Always had a habit of taking those off and chewing on them, something about the density of the plastic maybe.

Cold pillows.

Ice cream when it's started to melt a bit.

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using ur own will 2negate a sneeze

stepping on a body of water but not letting your foot submerge

peelinng off dead skin

2much wasabi

when you recover from an illness and feeling normal is equal to giving all your money 2 a charity then winning the lottery

rubbing eyes

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Wam laundry (of course).

Fur on the bridge of a dog's nose.

Fur under a cat's chin.

The grip of your tires on asphalt as you corner.

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Fresh out of the oven/pan/pot/skillet/etc food so piping hot that it burns when you attempt to eat it right away; but you deal with the pain because it's a good pain and you don't want it to cool down.

I don't know about that, man. You're left with a burnt tongue wishing you didn't do that because you can't taste things as well for a few days.

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