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Saint Laurent F/W 13 - Paris

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Reminds me of what all the hip parisiennes wore 5-6 years ago, then it spread across the globe. Not sure if that's good or bad thing. I like girls who dress like that, but it's not exactly ground breaking. But I do hate the strapless dresses at the end.


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Hedi's vision went from "heroin chic" to "meth scary". If you want to see grunge executed with vision and inspiration, see dries ss13 or really any marc jacobs campaign.

I must say I was surprised he took his influence so literally, I thought SLP spring 13 was really well done and having handled most of the collection I thought the pieces were constructed beautifully. That's not to say this collection won't be nice in person, I just think it was "inappropriate" and ultimately lazy at this stage in his career / working under YSL / it being 2013... as aoi mentioned above it's a look that was around pretty heavily 5-6 years ago.

That ugly bitch from BRIDEZ was his rumored muse for this collection: basically a spoiled blonde 20-something living in SF who only wears gaudy thrift "finds" and in a shitty band. From the 2 minute interview video I saw on her she came off as juvenile and delusional... the same as this collection.

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