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your perfect sandwich


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top sandwiches you've ever eaten?

your favorite sandwich to make at home?

best sandwich in a city?


for me, the perfect sandwich is from roma deli in pasadena

this is a classic example of simplicity- the perfect italian sandwich in my opinion...

just meat (salami, coppa, mortadella), cheese (provolone), and really good olive oil.

made by this old italian guy, and only he is allowed to make them.

here is a snippet of an article on the sandwich (http://latimesblogs....e-sandwich.html):

"Sandwich," says Mazzeo. "Only one kind. I make 120 of them a day -- sometimes 200. Do you want one? Best sandwich you ever had."

Mazzeo performs his ballet again, this time just for you. The roll is cottony soft, you notice, and the oil is one he once suggested when you told him you were frying artichokes. He applies neither vegetables, nor dressing, nor giardiniera; not even salt and pepper -- this is not a White House Special from the White House in Atlantic City or even a Godmother from Bay Cities in Santa Monica. You toss the wrapped sandwich into your basket and try to get the woman at the cash register to slip you a little extra basil from the impossibly fragrant stash she keeps behind the counter.

A while later, you remember the sandwich you have sitting on your kitchen counter, and you carve off a few inches for a snack. The undistinguished cold cuts have mingled into something pretty grand in the last few hours, a shimmering minor chord in the key of pork; the bitterness of the oil turns out to be all the sauce you need. The bread has maintained its thin, crisp crust, and the bland softness supports the richness of the meats in a way that an exquisitely crafted sourdough probably would not. It is, in its way, a perfect sandwich. It is the only one Mazzeo needs."

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theres always a special place in my stomach for a monte cristo. even if i know its gon be shitty like at dennys or something, i'll always give it a good long thought if i see it on a menu.

my favorite sandwich in la is prolly the house serrano ham bocadillo at la espagnola meats in the south bay.

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baguette, jambon de paris (ham), brie, apple slices and champagne mustard

goddamn i want to go back to france and eat this everyday for all 5 meals

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Sandwiches that stick out recently in my memory are actually two homemade ones. One was a grilled cheese with leftover steak, green peppers, green onion, and tomato. The steak was thin cut and torn up into small pieces so it wouldn't pull the sandwich apart, and the green peppers and onion had been sitting together so their flavors had already been mingling. Add to that some heat, some cheese, and some good bread and things worked out quite well.

The other other was my father's thanksgiving sandwich. Again, a grilled sandwich, but quite a seasonal one. He found the magical ratio of sweet potatoes to cranberry sauce to turkey in a sandwich and it was phenomenal. His cranberry sauce is always tangy and just a bit bitter so it pairs with sweet potatoes in a way that is quite lovely. Add to that turkey, grill, and be happy.

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A couple that are so simple, but so fucking good. Obviously depends on meat, but if you get the right cut, and quality is there, oh boy.

Top round pastrami, Finlandia swiss cheese on rye.

Italian beef with sweet (not hot) peppers on an italian roll.

Genoa salami, mortadella, sweet capicola on wheat (bread/roll)

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lately, i've been enjoying peanut butter and pickle sandwich on wheat bread.

but a baguette with brie and butter... that's something else.

just tried a pb&p. wow

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Thanks for starting this thread Vamp. :D

Langer's #19


Pork Bahn Mi from Bahn Mi My Tho


Coffee Oreo Ice Cream on Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

Middle: Sweet Potato Ice Cream on Snickerdoodle Cookie Sandwich


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Damn I thought this thread had potential and would have more contributors.

Anyways this is kinda old but a great Tumblr.


I cant remember the name of this spot in Barcelona I ate at, but house made champagnes and fois gras and jamon Sandwiches. Literally the Best Sandwich I ever had in my life.


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i still have yet to try pb and onion, hemingways favorite sandwich...

oh really?

i will eat this immediately

martha stewart's dad used to love onion sandwiches

just thinly sliced onion and butter on bread

i tried one a long time ago and didn't care for it

i should try again

i used to love watching her old studio show (no live audience)

it used to come on tv at like 2 or 3 AM

perfect come-down show

bob ross-type zen

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It's gotta be the vegetarienne from a lunch truck here called le pod,

fresh home made baguette with brie, sauteed spinach, sun-dried tomatos and portabellos


if y'all are ever in santa fe i highly recommend this place

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theres little sub joint in a new york college town that servs a mighty tasty italian wit som spice

anothr sanwich that graces my tbuds [[taste buds]] every once in awhile comes on traditional sliced bread

as i recall its predominantly vegetabls

lettuce tomatoes and ketchup are the only staples i rmember

the first time i saw my grandma make i was wondering what she was trying 2do 2me

but it was great

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