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Time to clean out my closet.  Most of this stuff has either never been worn or worn minimally. 


See individual posts for pics and measurements.  Please excuse the crappy iphone pics.  If you need better pics, let me know.  Also, all the jeans turned out lighter than they are in real life due to the lighting in my room.  Feel free to PM me with questions.


All prices are in US Dollars and include worldwide shipping with tracking.


For reference, here is a list of the items:


Sugar Cane - Recycle Denim (30) - New without tags
Denim Junkie - 501xx (Size 2) - 1 month wear

Edwin - 503RV (Size 32) - Lots of life left

Flathead - 3001LTD (Size 31) - ~4 months effective wear (one soak, ~ 3 washes)

LVC - 1947 501xx (Size 32) - Soaked once, basically new

Omnigod - 50-090 (Size 31) - New without tags

Momotaro - 0201 (Size 30) - New without tags

Uniqlo - All Made in Japan Jeans (Size 32) - New without tags

Style Forum x 5EP - Collaboration Jeans (Size 32) - Worn twice

Buzz Rickson - Mock Twist Chambray (Size 15.5) - Worn 4-5 times

Buzz Rickson - William Gibson MA-1 (Size 36L) - SOLD

Sugar Cane 24418 - Work Shirt (M)  SOLD

Eternal - 811 (Size 33, with red tab) SOLD

Joe McCoy - 906 (Size 32) SOLD



Interest Check (not posted but can post if someone is interested):

FOB Factory Gingham Check Shirt - (Size 3) - Worn 4-5 times

UES Hickory Work Shirt - (Size 3) - NEW WITH TAGS

45RPM Button Down Shirt (Size 3) - Worn 10-12 times



Thanks for looking!

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Price: $205

Condition: New, without tags (I probably have the tags laying around somewhere and will include them if I can find them)


Here's the professional blurb for the Recycle Denim courtesy of Self Edge (http://blog.selfedge...sweet-jeans.php):
In conventional jean production the excess fabric from the cutting room is discarded, Sugar Cane has taken this fabric and macerated it and spun it back into yarn which is then used to produce the denim.
The recycled yarn is used as the weft (fill) thread while the warp is unused pure indigo dyed 50/50 (sugarcane/cotton) blend yarn.

The aging on these jeans is sure to be phenomenal, the denim in it's raw state is something that's new to us, a deep dark indigo color with some slub, but under bright light you can tell the weft threads are definitely different than your usual indigo denim.


Recycle Denim (in inches)
Waist: 15.5
Front Rise: 10.75
Back Rise: 15
Thigh: 12.5
Knee: 9
Leg Opening: 8.25
Inseam: 34





Recycle Denim Pics:







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The Denim Junkie 501xx - Purchased back in 2006 or 2007.  These are from the famed brand, The Denim Junkie.  Minimal fading on the rear pocket and some very light fading on the front thighs.  Really unique pair of jeans.  . 


Some details include:  14oz Zimbabwe cotton, hair on hide kangaroo leather patch, longhorn style back pocket stitching, longhorn red tab, copper rivets with leather packing, star shaped pocket rivets, sun-burst front buttons.


Here's some better pics from mynudies: http://mynudies.com/showthread.php?4658-The-Denimjunkie-s-DJ-501XX



Price: $158 (original retail price was 24,000 yen excluding shipping)

Condition: Excellent



Measurements (CM / Inches)

Waist 41.5 / 16.34

Front Rise 27 / 10.63

Back Rise 37 / 14.57

Thigh 29 / 11.42

Knee 21 / 8.27

Leg Opening 21.5 / 8.46

Inseam 77 / 30.3












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Edwin 503RV - Not sure how much love these will get on here but will give it a shot.  These are terrific Edwin jeans that have been washed.  They have some nice details that washed jeans typically don't have: dyed black warp (or is it weft) threads, chainstitched hems, chainstitched waistband, and red tab.


Price: $68

Condition: Excellent


Measurements (CM / Inches)
Waist 40.5 / 15.94
Front Rise 24 / 9.45
Back Rise 36.5 / 14.37
Thigh 32.5 / 12.80
Knee 24 / 9.45
Leg Opening 21 / 8.27
Inseam 82 / 32.28






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Flathead 3001 LTD - I've worn these for about 4-5 months.  Love the jeans but I've been working out and the thighs are way too tight now.  These have some reinforced stitching in the crotch as a precaution and the right pocket bag is starting to rip due to my iphone.  The pics show the jeans to be lighter than they actually are.  They have plenty of wear left.


Price: $78

Condition: Good.


Measurements (CM / Inches)
Waist 40.5 / 15.94
Front Rise 25 / 9.84
Back Rise 34 / 13.39
Thigh 29 / 11.42
Knee 20 / 7.87
Leg Opening 19 / 7.48
Inseam 84.5 / 33.27














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LVC 1947 501xx - These are basically brand new.  Soaked once.  Worn once around the house.  Here's the professional blurb: 


The 1947-501® jean is regarded as the definitive five-pocket jean and the quintessential 501® model. Levi's® jeans had been in short supply during the years of World War II, when several key features were removed to save vital metal and fabric. By 1947, the newly restored 501® jean was in huge demand. The stitched Arcuate returned to the two back pockets: stitched with a double-needle machine, it now formed a diamond shape at the point where the two lines meet. Original Levi's® zinc buttons also enjoyed a comeback. But the crotch rivet, cinch-back and suspender buttons had been put out to pasture - permanently. Instead, belt loops and concealed copper rivets became standard. Made with Red XX Selvage using Cone Mills' deep tone indigo, the color blossoms with age in the purest redcast indigo. The 1947-501® jeans continued the tradition of a big "E" on the (single-stitched) red Tab, plus the Two Horse leather patch.

  • Style: 1947 501XX Jeans Rigid - classic slim fit, straight leg
  • Color: Indigo
  • 12.5oz Cone Mills Red Selvage denim (14oz after washing)
  • 100% Cotton
  • Shrink-to-fit
  • "E" Red Tab
  • Two horse leather patch
  • Double needle stitched Arcuate
  • Watch pocket rivets returned after the war
  • No crotch rivet
  • Two backpockets with covered rivets
  • Straight cut
  • Made in the USA


Price: $188  (or you can buy them new for $260 at Context Clothing excluding shipping)

Condition: Basically new


Measurements (CM / Inches)
Waist 40 / 15.75
Front Rise 27.5 / 10.83
Back Rise 37.5 / 14.76
Thigh 29 / 11.42
Knee 21.5 / 8.46
Leg Opening 20.5 / 8.07
Inseam 82 / 32.28






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Omnigod 50-090 - These were purchased one-washed.  Never worn, never hemmed. 


Price: $148

Condition: New without tags


Measurements (CM / Inches)
Waist 40 / 15.75
Front Rise 28 / 11.02
Back Rise 40 / 15.75
Thigh 30.5 / 12.01
Knee 23.5 / 9.25
Leg Opening 21 / 8.27
Inseam 85.5 / 33.66







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Momotaro 0201 - Never worn, never washed. 


Price: $228

Condition: Brand new (might be able to find the tags somewhere too)


Measurements (CM / Inches)
Waist 40 / 15.75
Front Rise 26.5 / 10.43
Back Rise 36 / 14.17
Thigh 30 / 11.81
Knee 21 / 8.27
Leg Opening 20 / 7.87
Inseam 94.5 / 37.20


























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Uniqlo - All Made in Japan Jeans - Purchased in Osaka a while back.  These are brand new, unworn, unwashed.  Well made , good denim, with nice details (chainstiched waistband and hems).  Price to quality ratio is outstanding on these. They are also sanforized so not too much shrinkage should be expected.


Price: $88

Condition: Brand New without Tags


Measurements (CM / Inches)
Waist 42.5 / 16.73
Front Rise 24 / 9.45
Back Rise 35.5 / 13.98
Thigh 29.5 / 11.61
Knee 22 / 8.66
Leg Opening 20.5 / 8.07
Inseam 89 / 35.04



















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Styleforum x 5EP - These were purchased back when Styleforum and 5EP did a collaboration back in 2006-2007.  These are a limited edtion jean (200 pairs total).  On the leather patch, you'll notice red threads which were left there on purpose.  There is also some indigo staining on the patch from having gone through the one wash process.


Price: $178

Condition: Worn once


Measurements (CM / Inches)
Waist 40 / 15.75
Front Rise 26 / 10.24
Back Rise 35 / 13.78
Thigh 29.5 / 11.61
Knee 21 / 8.27
Leg Opening 18.5 / 7.28
Inseam 81 / 31.89








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Buzz Rickson - Mock Twist Chambray. Size 15-15.5.  Worn twice, maybe 3 times.  Beautiful shirt with great construction.  It's just a bit big on me. 


Here's the professional blurb:


The Buzz Rickson's Mock-Twist Chambray Shirt is a garment of traditional quality. Made from premium mock-twist all-cotton chambray fabric.

These are not fashion shirts made to look like work shirts, they are constructed with all the traditional tailoring spec of a true utility garment from the 1930/40s; seams are properly reinforced with support fabric and selvaged; double topstitching; urea buttons and authentic labelling.

Nothing like this has been offered since the "good old days" of the 1940s when clothing had to last by necessity. One look and you will be immediately transported back to an era when America was the unquestioned king of goods.


Price: $98

Condition: Excellent


Measurements (CM / Inches)
Chest 54 / 21.26
Sleeve Top 60 / 23.62
Sleeve Bottom 51 / 20.08
Length 74.5 / 29.33
Shoulder Top 45 / 17.72
Shoulder Bottom 44 / 17.32






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  • Luisa via Roma (US)
    Brand - 125 x 125